EXPLORATION ACTION , SOUTH TRUST POLITICAL DISTRICT – Prosecution by a man (37) in Trondheim – police will speak to two women


In connection with the search for a 37-year-old man in Trondheim, police want to contact two women who came to Shell Vegamot on Sunday, the 14th time.

The man has been missing since 4:30 pm Sunday, after the family reported his concern when he did not return home after a party. The search for the 37-year-old athlete has taken place in the Åsvang, Bergheim and Steinan area and continues until Monday. The police established a base in Vegamot.

cell phone

Trøndelag police received tips on two women who visited Shell Vegamot in the city on Sunday 14, with whom they want to contact now.

These women entered the Shell with a black cell phone they had found in that area. At that time, no one was missing, and they were told to deliver the phone to the police or post it on an absent / found social media site. We want to get in touch with these women, says operations manager Frank Brevik from the Trøndelag police district to NTB at 2.50.

Continuing to search

Police have yet to make any findings in the case or have received specific tips that can be safely linked to missing persons. Attempts were made to make contact with the man by telephone, but the police failed.

The exploration action will continue overnight. Police are being assisted by Red Cross and Norwegian rescue dogs.

On Sunday police reported that they could have received phone calls that entered the area where the farm was started but was uncertain. The man's phone is now off or out of battery.

Police asked people to check garages, tents and gardens. The missing is about 183 inches tall, and should be wearing black hat, dark jacket, dark pants and gray / black shoes.


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