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Expecting children after separations and allegations of infidelity

The Netflix series “Love is Blind” took the world by storm earlier this year and has long been at the top of the most watched series on the streaming giant Netflix.

The series is based on finding love without seeing each other in advance, and participants date several potential partners through a wall – where they just chat.

This is how it is with couples

This is how it is with couples

One of the most talked about couples in the later period was Mark Cuevas (26) and Jessica Batten (35).

Cuevas never doubted that Batten was the woman in his life and asked her to marry him. The bat, on the other hand, was more doubtful. The ten-year age difference between the two became a problem for Batten, and on the day of the wedding she replied that she did not. The relationship then ended.

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Become a parent

However, love blossomed for Cuevas, and this summer he was able to reveal that he had found happiness. The chosen one is Aubrey Rainey, 25 years old.

– We took a “July 4th” trip to Savannah in Georgia, where we officially started dating, and have been side by side since then, the couple told People.

Now, they are also taking the relationship a step further. The couple reveals on Instagram that they are expecting their first child together.

“Bebé Cuevas 29.4.21”, writes the 26-year-old in the photo, and reveals that the forecast is for the little one to arrive at the end of April next year.

For People, Rainey can also reveal that everything is fine with the child in the womb, but that the pregnancy has increased and decreased somewhat – where she occasionally gets totally exhausted. Now, however, the shape must be better.

– No morning sickness! Fortunately, I’m starting to regain my normal energy, she says.

In the Netflix series “Love is Blind”, we witness participants falling in love – without ever having seen each other.
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Although Cuevas’s love life has fluctuated a lot in the last year, it is clear that he never gave up hope of finding great love. Before joining the aforementioned Aubrey, he decided to try his luck with another competitor “Love is Blind”, more specifically Lauren “LC” Chamblin.

Their love exploded in May, but only a month later she accused him of being unfaithful. On Reddit, a user wrote that Cuevas dated his colleague. This topic “LC” chose to reply from a verified account.

Reveals engagement after rejection

Reveals engagement after rejection

“This is a little small, because I live in Atlanta and have been dating Mark since the beginning of May. By the way, this is “LC” from “Love is Blind”, she wrote, before realizing that the relationship between her and the other participant was over.

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“I definitely just broke up with him, so thank you for posting this and saving me from having to deal with another liar,” she continued.

The couple

The couple “Love is blind”: – He wants us to have children

Cuevas, in turn, was clear in his case:

– It was nice to spend time with “LC” for a few weeks, but it was never an exclusive relationship. I wish her the best, the 26-year-old told E! News.

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Happiness found again

As mentioned, Cuevas and Batten made headlines after the latter left what could be her new husband at the altar.

For that, she got her passport signed on social media and, in fact, was referred to as “one of the most hated women in the United States”.

New happiness after shock discharge

New happiness after shock discharge

However, she also found happiness again and today maintains a relationship with Benjamin McGrath. The news that the two had become a couple shared Batten himself on Instagram and, according to Fox News, the new girlfriend is the father of two children and works as a foot and ankle surgeon in California.

The post contained a photo of Batten sitting on his bride’s lap and another in which McGrath held the 35-year-old on a boat ride.

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