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Eurosport slim after Ingebrigtsen's remarks about Rosenborg: "Totally creepy"

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The Rosenborgs lost 0-3 defeats to the Molde at Aker Stadium on Sunday night. During the issuance of Eurosport's "Football Round" after the match, Rosenborg's former coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen said very negatively about the club's management.

– I'm thinking about management … The club's sporting leadership. Ivar Koteng veiver, has become a physical trainer and says they are poorly trained. But these are just excuses.

– Six months ago, they were by far the best team in Norway. It's through January, February, March and April … In four months, they devastated him. They have to go through and find out what happened. They should not have a lot of excuses, said Ingebrigtsen during the Eurosport broadcast.

Ingebrigtsen himself does not want to comment on Sunday's statements.

– Completely creepy

About a year ago, Ingebrigtsen was dismissed as coach in Rosenborg. Earlier this year he met the club in court with a claim for compensation for having lost his coaching job.

The statements made more people react in social media. The chief editor of the Varden newspaper is one of them.

– Kåre Ingebrigtsen usually does well on TV, but it is completely creepy by Eurosport to use him to comment and shoot down the employer he was in legal conflict with just a few months ago, writes Tom Erik Thorsen. Twitter.

She left her role.

Monday, Eurosport internally discussed the use of Ingebrigtsen on Sunday shipment. The channel is self-critical for use by your own football expert.

– Kåre is employed as a specialist in professional football. Yesterday, at one point he went beyond this role, writes Disen's communications director Espen Skoland in a statement.

Now the channel will adjust the use of Ingebrigtsen in the studio broadcasts.

– We employ Kåre because he possesses unique professional skills. We know at the same time that we are balancing on a knife edge considering the role he has had in the past. We realize there will be reactions after yesterday's boarding, and we evaluate the loading and we discuss with Kåre how we fit in for the next weekend, Skoland writes.

He adds that the channel believes that Ingebrigtsen is the right person for the role he has.

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– In addition to all professional norms and principles

Svein Brurås is a journalism professor at Volda University and has written the book "Ethics for Journalists". He believes that Eurosport has crossed a border.

– Kåre Ingebrigtsen is a recently kicked Rosenborg coach who has strong personal interests in explaining how Rosenborg's weak series begins.

"If he's also used as an editorial clerk, commenting and doing journalism in Rosenborg, then the editorial team misunderstood something meaningful. So it's beyond all professional norms and principles, he says.

Brurås will not ask whether Eurosport violated the demand for a response.

The former secretary general of the Norwegian Press Association (PFU), Per Edgar Kokkvold, believes that the requirement of simultaneous respect is not present.

– Responsibility applies if it is extremely difficult and personal criticism is very strong. For example, if there were allegations of illegality, someone would have been forced to stop that person, he says.

Rosenborg President Ivar Koteng will not comment on the use that Eurosport makes of Ingebrigtsen as a specialist. But in an interview with Adresseavisen, he confirms that he included Ingebrigtsen's statements at Eurosport on Sunday.

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