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Emiliano Sala – Investigating the possible sharing of equality

Footballer Emiliano Sala (28) was on his way from Nantes to Cardiff when the small plane crashed into the English Channel. Both the 28-year-old driver and driver David Ibbotson were killed in the plane crash.

This week, the family was once again shocked when Emiliano's father, Horacio Sala (58), died of a heart attack.

On Sunday, British police opened an investigation after an image – allegedly made by the late footballer of a morgue – was split into social media.

– Lesion

According to Sky News, the photos show the upper body of Rooms and tattoos on the right arm.

"We are bothered by this heartless action and we can not understand why anyone wanted to do something so insensitive and painful," Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council wrote in a statement.

Police suspect the photos were taken several weeks ago.

"It's obviously a very difficult time for the Sala family, and this does not deserve to be inflicted on extreme pain," a police spokesman said Sunday.

Two prisoners

Monday night, police confirmed that two people were arrested, suspected of unauthorized access to data material. The prisoners are a woman of 40 years and a man of 60 years. The woman is also suspected of having committed malicious communication, according to the BBC.

The woman was released on bail while the man is released while the investigation is under way.

"There is nothing to indicate that someone has invaded the morgue, that mortuary officials have been involved in crimes."

Chief investigator Gemma Vinton says police sent in evidence to investigate whether they should file charges against the two prisoners.

– I would also encourage people to stop sharing the photo. This makes Emiliano's family and friends even more uncomfortable.

currency Squat

Sala completed a transfer from the French club Nantes to Cardiff shortly before dying in a plane crash in January. This transition was the subject of a bitter fight between clubs.

The Welsh club claims that the transition is invalid, as the agreement was not in line with the Premier Leagues and several legally binding clauses were not followed.

They also accused Nantes of not having stated that agent Mark McKay was working for them in connection with the transition.

Cardiff has so far retained the transfer fee of £ 15 million.

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