Elite series 2019 – Ronny Share calls for change in Norwegian football: will have 12 teams in the Elite series and more matches


But a specialist doubts that Vålerenga's coach has his will at the outset.

SAND OF ENTILITY: (Nettavisen): Many rejoice at the unexpected results in the early rounds of the Elites series.

Both Viking and Bodø / Glimt have so far impressed with the pot full, although both teams are considered low-profile candidates by many. At the other end of the scale, we find a Rosenborg team in crisis, and the value of entertainment has been great for the neutral audience.

– Do not realize that it is possible

Vålerenga coach Ronny Share does not share the joy of the amazing results of the games so far.

"It's a weakness in the league, of course. There are many teams in the Elite series. By reducing the number of teams, we get better player troops and even better high-level football matches. I wanted a series of 12 teams and played several games, says Ronny Share for Nettavisen.

"Do you think the players' troops are as weak as they look today?"

"Yes, everyone is fighting for the same players. We do not have so many players and there are minor differences between the players that we, Odd or Bodø / Glimt download, says Share to Nettavisen.

The Vålerenga coach is clearly involved in the number of teams and how the Elite series is prepared. Regardless of the number of teams in the league, there is one thing he is unable to understand.

"I do not realize we might not play in the summer." I also do not realize that the teams that will play in Europe will be freer. When I was at Celtic we had a fight that we could move on. I can stay in Marbella this summer. It will be completely wrong. We have to play games on Sunday, Wednesday and Sunday. We have to get used to it. Playing 30-35 matches in season with good correspondence, says Share to Nettavisen.

– Can go beyond talent development

TV football specialist Jesper Mathisen is not so convinced, however, and he points out that a reduction in the number of teams in the Elite series could be at the expense of developing talent in Norwegian football.

– The debate over the number of teams has been going on for a long time and will probably continue. It is difficult to find a faculty response to how many teams it should be. With fewer layers in the Elite series, the risk of demotion also increases. It can open up to various crisis solutions where one catches up with foreign players instead of investing in long-term Norwegian young talent, Mathisen tells Nettavisen.

He believes there are clear advantages in maintaining the number of teams that exist today and highlights Stabæk as a good example of young talents who benefit from a high level experience.

With so many teams in the Elite series, this means that even more young players will have the opportunity at the top level. Stabæk almost moved last year, but stayed and kept the young tribe on the team who is now getting even more experience. In this way, we have better conditions to create good team A players, says Mathisen to Nettavisen.

– Charming with ash stairs

No matter what the great clubs in the Elite series agree, he still thinks it will be difficult to vote for such a change.

– It is democratically difficult to vote by cutting the number of teams. Teams will probably think of themselves. Largest clubs may want to vote to reduce staff numbers, but smaller clubs are in the majority, Mathisen tells Nettavisen.

DO NOT BELIEVE IN QUICK CHANGE: TV2 expert commentator, Jesper Mathisen.
Photo: Lise Åserud (NTB scanpix)

He believes there is room for smaller clubs, as the big clubs in major cities and regions perform poorly.

"It's lovely and great that we have a football in Norwegian football. They should be honored for it. At the same time, it is precisely the lack of success among the biggest clubs that make smaller teams stand up and settle in the Elite series. Viking, Start and also Vålerenga are clubs with much greater resources and, as seen, with inferior performance.

Vålerenga trainer Share believes there is little difference between Norwegian elite clubs and they can often be coincidences like budgets that record when players' numbers are nailed.

– The difference is that we "pull" first because we can have a little more money than the others. And then Molde, Rosenborg and maybe Brann have even more money than we do again, says Share to Nettavisen, and continues.

– Some say that the great Norwegian clubs will never be able to lose to the little ones, but there are not big differences. In the Norwegian football economy, everyone swims in the same duck pond, he says.

In the main division of Denmark, the Superliga, both the number of assistants and the assistance has plummeted in recent years. There, they have now decided to reduce the Super League from 14 to 12 teams from the 2020 season.

In 2016, they increased from 12 to 14 teams and introduced a final variant at the end of the season, without much luck. So now the Danes return to fewer teams in the first division but continue to play at the end of the season.

That means teams from 7 to 12 are in the playoffs to avoid relegation and the top 6 placed in a league game about gold, medals and European cup games.

– Yes, I think it ends in the end. It's just to see what's happening in Europe. They make changes in Denmark. In Belgium and Scotland, they split the season in half, providing more excitement throughout the season. Diversity is important, but we do not have so many teams in Norway, says Share to Nettavisen.

Jesper Mathisen is certain that the Norwegian Football Federation is keeping an eye on how development takes place in our neighboring countries but does not have a particular sense of play.

– I think the final variant of the game is a bit strange in football, although it seems to work well in Denmark. I want to think that the NFF wants both Sweden and Denmark to see how things work there, but that there is a change with the first, I do not think, says Mathisen to Nettavisen.

– Benefit to know the best teams at the beginning

Fire and especially Rosenborg started the season weaker than many expected, while the Molde lost to the Bodø / Glimt. Vålerenga coach Ronny Share is not surprised that the top teams are struggling at the beginning of the season. On the other hand, he thinks they become hard when the grass becomes greener.

"That's how often it's at the beginning of the series. It is always beneficial to find the best teams at the start of the season because the game did not settle properly. It's good for the championship that is so in the beginning, says Share.

"Molde, Rosenborg and Brann will be back when the clues arrive and they'll shrug. It's fun that others might be involved as well. We want to be with us all the way, he says.

– Are you looking forward to others struggling in the beginning?

"Yes, that's for sure, but we have to get better. We must continue to work with our system. We have to improve aggressively and defensively and maintain the continuity of the team of players. So we were very solid about Fall, says Share to Nettavisen.


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