EA in parliamentary consultation: – We think our implementation of "surprise mechanics" is ethical and fun


EA Executive Director Kerry Hopkins.

(PressFire.no): Both Electronic Arts and Epic Games had to meet with representatives of the British parliament to explain when it comes to looters and addictive mechanics.

There is a long consultation, which can be seen in its entirety here, where several questions have been asked to the two companies by what they do with problematic areas such as excessive gaming, marketing and gray areas where third parties operate (such as the sale of "FIFA currencies" ). ').

Among other things, the plunder problem was raised several times, and some responses were almost humorous in their turnaround.

EA Vice-President Kerry Hopkins represented the company during the hearing, and could say that EA believes that the implementation of the service (ie football card packages in FIF) is "fairly ethical" and "Quite fun".

– Do you think that boxing is an ethical feature of your games? Asks MEP Brendan O & Hara.

"First of all, we do not call them" loot boxers, "Hopkins says.

"Whatever you call, do you think they're ethical?" O'Hara interrupts.

"We call them" surprise mechanics. " If you go to a store like Target, a store that sells lots of toys and are looking for surprise toys, you will find that this is something people like. They like surprises, it's something that has been around for years, whether it's Kinder Egg, Hatchimals or LOL Surprise.

– We think that the way we implement these mechanics, and "FIFA", of course the great we have with the "FIFA Ultimate Team" and the packages there, in fact, are quite ethical and very fun.

Epic representative Canon Pence.

Epic says they do not make money

Even more bizarre was when Epic Games representative Canon Pence explained for the first time that they defined players who often played as "someone who played in the last two weeks or 30 days" – before saying that the company does not know how much the players played, and it was "difficult" to define players who played frequently.

"We believe it is difficult to have a categorical understanding of what it is since it varies from time to time and from person to person," Pence said of how many users played unhealthy amounts of "Fortnite."

"This is a game that makes money from people playing," said Member of Parliament Damian Collins.

"This kind of basic information is something that is collected and analyzed all the time, so I do not believe you do not know it. For me, I am suspicious that this is something we can not argue about.

Pence's response was quite surprising:

"I do not agree with the statement that Epic is making money from people playing the game, the game is" free to play, "he said.

"You're not running a charity," Collins replied.

Epic Games will have earned $ 2.4 billion in the game in 2018, according to analyst firm SuperData.

Labor representative Ian Lucas also asked why Epic did not charge the age of its users to regulate the game according to age ratings or other data regulation guidelines.

"You do not think it's necessary to relate to data regulation by discovering the age of those who play the game," Lucas asked.

"Not us," was Pence's cash answer.


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