Driveclub servers should be closed ┬╗ITavisen


play: The game is withdrawn from the market due to licensing issues.

Recently, Sony announced that the exclusive title for PS4, Driveclub, will not be removed for so long and that the game servers will be closed within a year. So far, the cause behind this turnaround has not been met, but now everything is pointing to licensing issues.

Expensive licenses

It is reported on Twitter by former company chief Paul Rustchynsky that says the lack of renewed licenses is the reason why they have to do it this way. Evolution Studios, along with Sony Interactive Entertainment, may not have seen the stronger need to update their licenses, as they were likely to be very expensive.

Rustchynsky says that Driveclub, like other racing games, is being withdrawn as a result of discontinued licenses, which usually last about five years, though we can not remember that a game developer made such an abrupt decision before.

The sales stoppage means that Sony can no longer sell the game on its platform as of August 31, 2019, and server downtime will occur on March 31, 2020.

Will you miss the multiplayer on Driveclub?


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