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Doubles give “pure” doping tests – VG

NOT CLEAN AND RANK: Doping scandals in weightlifting are increasing. The photo is from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, just over four years ago. Photo: Mike Groll / TT NEWS AGENCY

Up to 18 athletes from six countries are suspected of using “doubles” to do pure tests, and many probably use growth hormones that are almost impossible to detect: The doping scandals in weightlifting will never end.

This comes as a result of another investigation into the sport, which is at great risk of being expelled from the Olympics. This time, the international anti-doping agency Wada is behind the disappointing cheating report. According to Inside The Games, it has now been put on the table after a three-year investigation – “Operation Arrow” – which consists of four parts.

One is specifically about the use of “urine substitute in connection with detoxification”.

– Wada I & I (intelligence and investigation) found evidence that “stuntmen” were used to pretend to be practitioners in connection with the detoxification process, to ensure that pure urine in the form of fraud was presented, said Wada Quinta.

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Wada claims to have discovered the fraud with the help of confidential sources and analysis experts. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) (again) expressed concern about how weightlifting is managed. The sport was close to being banned from the Olympics, now the threat is considered real – at the Paris Olympics in four years.

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Last week, three different people led the IWF International Weightlifting Federation in the form of “president”. Recent doping cases – 18 in number – related to “double urine”, will now be investigated and prosecuted by the International Testing Bureau (ITA). ITA leads the anti-doping and cleaning work at IWF.

Traditionally, it has proven to be a real doping nut, including former IWF president Tamas Ajan of Hungary.

GOOD ENTERPRISE: Tamas Ajan and IOC President Thomas Bach during the weightlifting final at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics four years ago. Ajan was elected an honorary member of the IOC after being a member since 2000. Photo: LARRY W. SMITH / EPA

He is accused of widespread corruption during his 44-year career as Secretary-General and President (2000-2020) of the International Weightlifting Federation. McLaren’s well-known report revealed that he pushed 40 cases of doping under the rug. It was later revealed that another 130 doping tests were “hidden”.

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Around NOK 50 million also changed hands in the period from 2012 to 2016, mainly from “Russian interests” to “senior members of the IWF”. A group of Russian weightlifters – and athletes from the “Eastern Bloc” – were later deprived of medals and places they “won” at the Olympics and other international championships.

The IWF sanctioned and fined several, but there was a big difference between the sum of fines applied and the amount charged. Tens of millions, in fact, according to Inside The Games. Of the hundreds of doping cases processed by the IWF, only six relate to the use of growth hormones. A seventh case is pending.

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Wada claims that more than 30 current practitioners and former practitioners have been identified as suspected doping in an investigation section called “Operation Extra”. In addition, 15 current and former coaches are involved, according to this investigation – as well as “more than” 10 current managers. They must have “facilitated” doping of practitioners “under their supervision”.

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