"Dota Underlords" now open for everyone and for mobile phones


(PressFire.no): It was last week that Valve suddenly released a closed beta of its response to the genre of automatic chess – more specifically, Dota-based automatic chess.

At that time, only those who had sucked the "Dota 2" battle pass had access.

Now they have opened the game for everyone in the open beta call, which is also synced with a release for mobile phones.

Now you can download the game for Android and iOS and play on the platforms.

The game has already made its mark on the Steam charts and is writing for a solid fourth with more than 140,000 players – in fact, about the Rainbow Six Siege.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, "Dota Underlords" is a strategy game where you put "Dota 2" heroes on a chess board and where they fight in an automagic way.

You make strategic choices by combining heroes and placement and the genre has been very popular in the last six months – especially through courage for "Dota 2".


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