Tuesday , July 27 2021

Corona infection in Norway’s largest dairy

– We had a meeting with the head of the municipality today, and registered who is the closest contact. It is the municipal superior who monitors all the screening for the infection, but we received confirmation that the infection came from outside, says Tine’s dairy manager, Kjetil Thu.

The director says that the corona infection will not affect production and believes that consumers will not notice anything about the incident.

– The Tine dairy in Jæren is a large factory with 150 employees, so even if 15 are quarantined, production will continue, says Thu.

The dairy in Jæren produces cheese, butter and powder.

The dairy will take care of everything that happens internally at the facility, where there is mainly a department that is affected.

– This department has no production this weekend, so we are studying how we can reallocate employees to run a little lower production starting on Monday, says Qui.

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