Commentary – What was that every day, Apple?


After years of rumors and speculation, the day of Apple's revelation about the ambitious television service came, but an anti-climax. The show lasted at least two hours, and in the end, Apple enthusiastic standards did their best to create some enthusiasm for it. Apple could not do that.

CRITICAL: Martin Kynningsrud Størbu is a technology journalist in Dinside. Photo: By Ervland.
CRITICAL: Martin Kynningsrud Størbu is a technology journalist in Dinside. Photo: By Ervland.
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Apple TV + is the TV service to compete with Netflix and Apple Arcade is Apple's new gaming venture, but could anyone convince?

The launch of Apple Arcade once again proves that the company still does not understand the gaming industry. They took the opportunity to give Google a little twist with a comment that does not need to be online to play the Arcade games, but the service was not something to scream wow.

If something that players do not like, they are exclusive games. We want the games to be available on the platforms we use. Apple looks different and has 100 new and exclusive Arcade games available only on their platforms.

Microsoft does this a lot better with the Xbox Game Pass gaming service, which consists of hundreds of games, which are also available on other platforms.

Arcade games are too early to tell, and Apple has some known developers on the team, but first impressions are not convincing.

Where is the content?

So we have what should be the biggest news of the night. I'm talking about TV +, Apple's real attempt to compete with Netflix and the other power giants.

It all started with a long video in which famous people in the entertainment industry talked about being creative and creative, followed by several actors who talked about their Apple TV + projects, but where were the trailers all day?

Imagine the E3 gaming fair where Electronic Arts talks about gaming, or it shows a tedious video in which developers talk about how to create games instead of showing them. It was absolutely absurd!

Apple should have a lot of big names on the team, potentially creating good entertainment. I mention in a few words: Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, my personal favorite, Steve Carrell, not to forget Oprah Winfrey. The only thing I missed was that Seinfeld's creator, Larry David, took the stage and admonished the obvious: "curb his enthusiasm," or "no motive for excitement," as his series is called in Norwegian.

That's why I felt it.

Rarely the term "cut to the chase" was more appropriate.

Not just annoying

However, it becomes wrong to berate the whole two-hour show (which seemed to last forever). News + looks very promising. Access to a good journalism load of many large publications at an OK monthly price seems a distortion.

The Apple card also appears to be a promising credit card with 2% cash back when you shop, although I almost gave up when Apple referred to the bank card as the "cutest bank card ever" to eleven applause from the hall. Huff.

The best news was probably the news of the new TV application that gathers content from a variety of streaming services in one place. Here, Apple collaborates, among others, with HBO, Starz and Showtime, services full of good content

But what is common in News +, the TV package and the Apple card? It will take some time until they are available here ashore if everyone is coming here. The new TV application will be available in more than 100 countries, but we do not know how the selection will be in Norway.

This was a very strange release from Apple, a company known for its good and engaging launch events. And I wonder why every day the show happened today. The products do not arrive until fall – many of the news we have to expect in Norway – and Apple has shown virtually nothing of the TV content on which it is working.

Maybe it was wise to wait a few months and show some trailers, so even those who are not "hired" Apple clappers could have something to applaud?


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