Child welfare institution paid narcotics for residents


A youth home in Bærum paid $ 9,500 to a drug dealer on behalf of a resident who feared the consequences of the debt situation.

The resident of Jong Youth Home feared unwanted reactions from the seller and experienced the situation as uncontrollable, writes the Dagbladet.

On February 23, an employee of the youth house handed an envelope with the money to the seller. April 16, there was an anonymous notice of the case of an employee of the house. Leader Line Andersen at the youth house does not dispute the course of events described in the notice, but says that full assessments were made before the institution chose to repay the debt.

Also in 2013 were notified of payments for medicines made by Jong's youth home. The Children, Youth and Family (Bufdir) Board responds to the practice.

– The state will not pay for drug trafficking. Bufdir is aware that an institution lent money to a young man for the payment of rusgjeld this winter and that this was also done in the same institution seven years ago, says Deputy Director of Services at Bufdir, Kjetil A. Ostling.

Ostling adds that the board has issued a clear signal of control that Bufetat's institutions will not pay drug fees on behalf of young people.

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