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Chess experts on Carlsen's plans: – Absolutely surreal

Several heavy voices in the Norwegian chess environment react strongly to the newly created club of world champion Magnus Carlsen (28). NRK specialist Torstein Bae is speechless. Atle Grønn calls it "matte chess".

It was previously known that Carlsen created a chess club, where he himself is the leader, who wants to undergo a controversial betting agreement in the chess union.

Atle Grønn holds the title of International Chess Champion and has been a specialist in the chess broadcasts of NRK and VGTV.

This is totally surreal. The chess world champion played chess chess, "Grønn tells VG.

  • On July 7, the Congress of the Norwegian Chess Federation (NSF) will vote whether the association will enter into an agreement with Kindred, which will give NSF 50 million dollars in five years. The case is very inflamed and divides the Chess Norway.
  • On Tuesday night, the new Carlsen club, Offerspill SK, announced on Twitter that it had reached 1,000 members. The world champion will take up to half a million crowns, says father Henrik Carlsen for VG. In other words, the new members do not have to pay for the quota of the Norwegian Federation of Chess.
  • In short: the more members, the more congress delegates – the greater the chance that the agreement with the Members will be implemented.

Green is a clear opponent of the deal with the betting company.

"Chess should be open to everyone, not be organized and paid for by bets, he believes.

WORLD MASTER: Magnus Carlsen became world chess champion for the first time in 2013. He is still the champion in power. Here he is in the party against Dmitry Andrejkin at the World Chess Championship fast in St. Petersburg last Christmas. Photo: Ole Kristian Strøm / VG

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Torstein Bae also holds the title of International Master of Chess and is best known as a specialist in NRK.

I'm speechless. I'm not so frequent, says Bae to VG and adds,

"It's remarkable that Magnus does not even see the troublesome aspects of this program.

Context: This is the case that divides Chess-Norway

Bae goes in the direction of agree Vegard Ramstad, the leader of the chess club Stjernen, one of the largest chess clubs in Norway. For VG it says:

"You're a little scared." They want to evict the congress. I hope the association assumes this subject. I want them to give a statement about whether they allow it for Congress. I hope they look at this and do not approve of the Offerpill delegates.

– It is a fundamental prerequisite for the delegation system for members to pay their own membership fee. Therefore, I believe the association should consider whether these members can give delegates, says Torstein Bae.

Chess chairman Morten L. Madsen told NRK that the federal committee's rules committee will examine the matter.

– They will consider whether this is inside or not. Of course this is controversial in the eyes of many people, at the same time there are members who made contact today and think it is great that Magnus tries to give someone the opportunity to vote, but this is a demanding issue of the Norwegian Chess Federation, says Madsen.

Neither Magnus Carlsen nor manager Espen Agdestein so far wanted to comment on these criticisms against VG on Tuesday.

Magnus Carlsen says the following about the new club in a video on Offerspill SK's website:

– Offerspill SK believes that chess should be for everyone. Our vision is an extra popularization of chess in Norway where no one should be left out due to backgrounds, geographic or demographic coincidence. A sustainable and fruitful future is what we must strive for.

Later he says:

– July 7, Congress will vote for cooperation between NSF and Kindred. The game offering chess club is for this cooperation to be celebrated. New members are therefore informed that their enrollment may affect the outcome of the election.

For NRK, Espen Agdestein says this about the case:

– It's him (Magnus Carlsen) who is willing to arrange for those who want to follow him. He thinks there is great potential in Norwegian chess and he grows well, but it is completely impossible for young people to focus on the budgets that Norwegian chess has had and operates, says Agdestein.

When asked by the channel if "this is a democratic way to do it – someone thinks it's to deal with the congress," he replies:

"I do not think Magnus has any intention of a coup, but he wants to mobilize the young people to get involved in the case. This is one way to do this. Subscribing is highly voluntary and it is not uncommon to join for free.

Former chess chairman Jøran Aulin-Jansson is in favor of the 50 million deal. He is surprised by the new chess club in Carlsen.

"I could not think of every page. It's great with commitment, and if anyone can raise it and stay there for a while, then it's Magnus. But I'm a bit mistaken if this is the best method to do this, it will show the time, says Aulin-Jansson to VG and adds:

"The deal with the betting company is very positive for me, if it's legal." I'm positive about money, give a 400% increase or something similar in budget. Some say you sell their soul, you do not.

The chess congress will be held on July 7 in Larvik.

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