Monday , October 18 2021

Check out the first taste of the real gameplay in the event "Final Fantasy VII"


( Square Enix has shown much of the "Final Fantasy VII" event tonight, including the first real insight into how the game is going.

The presentation approached the beginning of the game, and we saw matches against the two foot soldiers and bosses.

As we knew before, there is a more active combat system this time, moving you and "hacking and cutting" enemies in real time. This fills an indicator that you have, which in turn allows you to perform special tricks.

But when it comes to these special attacks (or the use of artifacts), the time is interrupted and you have to navigate on well-known menus and select enemies to execute them. So it becomes a kind of hybrid variant, that.

On the other hand, you can choose to add some special attacks to quick buttons on your controller, thus ignoring the entire section of the menu if you wish.

In the demo (which you see below), we see Cloud and Barretting beating one of the first bosses of the game.

The game should be released in episode format, and it is not certain how far we played in the first edition. The launch is March 3 next year.

Here's the new trailer for the game (which contains Tifa!), Before you have the complete presentation below:

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