Charlize Theron put in 22 pounds for new movie


Hollywood star Charlize Theron put 22 pounds to play an unmarried wooden child in the new movie Tully.

Charlize Theron (42) plays a mother of three in the new film. The film had Norway Premiere June 1.

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To play the role, the star had to rise to 22 pounds, which required a very high intake of food. It was Theron himself who insisted on gaining weight to play the part.

Three grandmothers: Here we see the actor in the role of a little tired wooden grandmother, today she is back to her usual top form.
Photo: (NTB Scanpix)

"I used to send pictures to Jason (Reitman, director) when I ate" burger in and out "for breakfast, but by the third week it was not so much fun anymore. So endure I did not even send photos. I felt so incredibly relaxed and unpleasant, says Theron to KK.

Before the movie Tully, she played in the action movie Atomic Blonde, where she learned martial arts and did all the acrobatics. When the star was at its best. However, Theron thinks getting into the body of a tired wooden grandmother with depression at childbirth was even more challenging than being beaten on the set every day.

Atomic Blonde: Charlize Theron as an M16 agent in the movie Atomic Blonde.
Photo: ((Jonathan Prime / Focus Features via AP)

– It's too tiring to play tired all the time. And what I ate to put was not very healthy, she says, adding that at the same time ruined a disc in the lower back, she tells KK.

Common Shape: On the right, we see Charlize Theron as we are accustomed to seeing her in the film Long Shot with Seth Rogan.
Photo: (Philippe crown / Lionsgate via AP)

Now she is back in the same way as before gaining weight. Easy was not, however.

– When you are 42 years old and try to lose weight, it is definitely more challenging. I thought at one point that I would never go back to my body. Nothing happened and my doctor told me: Well, you're 42 years old. Be patient, she says.

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