Saturday , April 17 2021

Carlsen's indescribable choice can determine: – This is your great opportunity

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The night before the Chess World Cup, Magnus Carlsen won the tie. So he chose to start – and finish – with the disadvantage of the black pieces.

Now the great advantage of Carlsen's elusive choice comes. In both parties six and seven – played Friday and Sunday – he has white pieces.

"This is Carlsen's big opportunity," says Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers.

– One of the most critical points

The best female chess player, Judit Polgár, is in London to comment on the organizer's televised English-language parties. Polgár is also excited about what Carlsen can do with two "white parties."

"This is one of the most critical points of the World Cup, marking the legend of chess.

"When you play white, you always have the determination to try to gain an advantage and create chances for victory," she continues.

Carlsen: – I'm looking forward to it.

It was hoped that Caruana really wanted to attend Wednesday's party. Also did the American, but Carlsen joined the complicated variants.

Thus, Caruana did not get an advantage before playing two games with black pieces.

At the press conference on Thursday, players were asked about the next two parties.

"I'm looking forward to it, obviously. Let's see what's happening," Carlsen said.

Caruana called this a "very serious challenge."

– Now, we know how serious the video leak is

There has been a big deal in the Caruana field since a video – apparently revealing some of the team's secrets – appeared on Youtube. Before long, the video showed a list of openings.

"Most of what seems to be affecting Caruna's preparations for parties with the black pieces," says Judit Polgár.

In other words: if the revelation is to hurt Caruana in the World Cup, it is more likely when playing with black pieces.

Now, not just one, but two blacks for Americans are waiting.

"At these parties, we know how serious the video leak is, because we can see what Fabiano plays with black pieces. Let's see if he suddenly does something different," says storm star Ian Rogers.

"Do you think Magnus Carlsen wins one of the next two parts?"

– This can happen. But when you push hard you risk. I think it will be a decided feud in the next rounds but I can not guarantee it will be a win for Magnus.

The sixth World Cup is played on Friday at 4pm Norwegian time.

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