Wednesday , September 22 2021

Carlsen had an amazing experience in the middle of his own party – NRK Sport – Sports News, Results and Broadcast Schedule

On Thursday, the first World Cup finals begin in the history of fishing jackets when Carlsen meets American Wesley So in Bærum.

Carlsen started with a defeat but had little trouble defeating Caruana, ranking second in the world.

"I think Carlsen was sure of his victory against Caruana," says NRK chess expert Atle Green.

A whole new dimension

Last year he played unofficial World Cup finals in fisherman chess, and Carlsen's participation in the World Cup was crucial for the championship to gain high status in the chess world. In many ways he was an ambassador.

I think all players love it. And I feel it especially after another party today. After six to eight, I sat thinking, "That's why we played it." If you go there or there, you are suddenly in a much better position. There are things you don't see in regular chess. It gives the game a new dimension, says Carlsen.

“I don't know if Caruana experienced the same thing at that time, but exactly this party showed why fishing chess exists at a high level. You can talk to all the top players, everyone loves it, says Carlsen.

Wesley So, Jan Nepomnashchy, Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen

BEST PLAYERS: Wesley So, Jan Nepomnychichij, Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen during the Chess Fishing World Cup.

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK

Of the six to eight moves mentioned, the "chess arrow" jumped from 0.12 to 1.2 in favor of Magnus Carlsen. He gained a clear advantage and had Caruana in an iron fist.

He later increased the lead and, after a very accurate game, Caruana had to give up after 36 plays.

"He controlled all the time, played convincingly and strategically with his opponent," commented Torstein Bae.

– Labor intensive

Atle Grønn is an NRK chess expert and Norwegian fishing chess champion. He acknowledges Carlsen's aha experience in front of the board.

Atle green

NRK Specialist: Atle Green.

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK

– It's hard work getting them. You cannot use your accumulated intuition. Playing fish chess is a lot of work, but if you're interested, nothing is more fun.

– He really discovers new things with chess and new constellations that are not part of the 100,000 patterns he has stored in memory. He has a long-term memory, but discovers completely new things in the fishing jacket, says Green.

Wednesday is a rest day at the World Cup. The final between Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So begins on Thursday at 5pm.

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