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Finally he played international for England, November 11, 2016 was against Scotland. Then he announced that the national team career was over.

But on Thursday in ten days, Wayne Rooney (33) returns to England, against the United States. Not necessarily because it is good enough, but because the English Football Association wants to honor it.

REAGER: Peter Shilton. Photo: NTB scanpix
Reactivity: Peter Shilton. Photo: NTB scanpix
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Rooney – now playing for D.C. United in the United States – thus receives his international game number 120. The decision creates reactions:

"I was shocked when I read that, and I still have a hard time understanding the decision," said goalie Peter Shilton (69).

"It's been two years since Wayne last played a national game, England has recovered to a new level and has just released a brilliant world cup," Shilton says, according to the Daily Mirror.

Do not agree

"This is not about how Wayne deserves to be honored, but you can do that regardless of whether he's playing." You should not only give fights, which is incorrect and can be at the expense of a younger player.

Shilton continues:

"I do not agree with the decision at all, it should be the highest honor for your country, but the truth is that the American MLS league is not close to being at the same level as the Premier League. coach) has passed.

That Rooney gets a fight on this one is almost condemned by a unified body of experts in England. The Football Association has not found an opportunity to honor Rooney – so far. The product of the match must go to Wayne Rooney's charity fund.

"Rooney is the time scorer for England and had a great career for the national team, but playing for England should be an honor," said Alan Shearer, a BBC and The Sun expert. .


With his 119 international, Rooney is only six away games of the man who has the record, Peter Shilton (125 games). David Beckham is in third place (115 matches). But no one attacks Rooney on scoring statistics. He has 53 goals for England. Then there's Bobby Charlton (49 goals) and Gary Lineker (48 goals).

WEEKLY REACTIONS: Experts believe that Wayne Rooney's return devalues ​​the English dragon. Here's the Daily Mirror today.
REACTIONS OF WEEKS: Experts believe that Wayne Rooney's return devalues ​​the English dragon. Here's the Daily Mirror today.
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"A player has never been honored that way before. A cynic will wonder if the FA does this because you are struggling to sell tickets to the friendly next Thursday, Shearer points out.

The Daily Mail commentator, Martin Samuel, writes:

Wayne Rooney's return to England is very new. In your resume, there should be 119 games and a charity match.

Several people are faced with the fact that Rooney is being fought, helping to devalue the drafts of the English national team. Playing a national match is something you will win, not something you should receive on this one.

"Rooney deserves to hear the tribute from the English fans, but the debate will take place if he deserves a place on the team, writes BBC football referee Phil McNulty.

According to the BBC, Rooney reacts to his fight against the United States:

"I am humbled and happy to play for England again and I would like to thank Gareth Southgate and the FA for inviting me back and supporting my charity work." Playing for England is the greatest honor of my career. and last game will be a special moment for me.

England meet Croatia in the League of Nations three days later. It will be without Rooney.

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