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In recent months, the number of bets against corporate stocks on the Oslo Stock Exchange has dropped significantly.

Now the so-called unweighted short share in Norway is 2.8%, according to the Sparebank 1 Markets report, with an overview of the short stock in the Nordic region.

It is down from almost eight percent in February last year.

– It's the lowest we've seen in the 13 years we've had history, says banking analyst Odd Weidel at Sparebank 1 Markets to E24.

"It surprises me a little that the overdraft interest has been so low in so many companies now. For a series of shares listed on the OBX (the 25 most traded stocks on the Oslo stock exchange), it is as low as possible, he adds.

The average over the last ten years is a short share in Norway of 5.7%.

Short means that you sell stocks that you do not own in the hope that the price will fall and that you can thus buy the shares with cheaper money before they are returned to the owner.

Do not believe in course training in the energy sector

Weidel says the fall is particularly boosted by the fact that stakes against power companies have dropped significantly in the past two years.

The shortening of stocks in Norway in the last ten years was the highest during the oil spill in 2014, according to Sparebank 1 Markets

"It is only natural that interest has fallen on the price of the oil you took, the cost cut for oil companies and overall improvement in general," the bank analyst notes.

In oil giant Aker BP, overdraft interest is 1.2 percent.

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Weidel also points out that much less are now focusing on falling prices for low-cost airline Bjørn Kjos, the Norwegian. Last year, short-term interest in Norwegian was more than 35%, while it is now just above 5%. The airline's share fell 60% on the Oslo Stock Exchange last year.

He pulls the main figure down. There are many who were short in Norwegian, and who on paper gained a lot while the stock fell. Now they have largely covered themselves, explains Weidel.

Won in Norwegian

Norway has been short lived by the Nordic countries. Now, however, this has reversed and the small share in Sweden, Denmark and Finland is now higher, according to the report.

The downward trend in Norway began early last year, when short interest was almost eight percent.

– Most considered Norway a country where there is greater risk and volatility in the business sector than in the rest of the Nordic region. There is speculation, but it can be argued that countries with an oil fund that has exceeded NOK 9000 billion could pursue counter-cyclical policies, says Weidel.

Sparebank 1 The overviews of market positions measure the number of shares outstanding that is short, which means that it is adjusted for large and long-term individual shareholders who participate in shares that are not distributed to the general public.

These are the eight shortened shares of the Oslo Stock Exchange as of April 1 of this year:

  • Insurance company Gjensidige Forsikring (11.4 per cent)
  • Subsea Contractor Subsea 7 (10.2 percent)
  • Giant fertilizer Yara (5.5%)
  • Norwegian Airline (5.3 percent)
  • Seismic company Petroleum Geo Services (5.2 percent)
  • Mowi agricultural enterprise (4.1 percent)
  • Floating oil producer BW Offshore (3.8%)
  • Nel hydrogen company (3.8 percent)


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