Bendtner is denied the zone in Norway


Last week he contrasted with Rosenborg striker Nicklas Bendtner (30). On Thursday he scored a goal that helped the team reach the final of the cup while on Friday he was sentenced to 50 days in unconditional custody and to pay DKK 11,300 in resignation.

The Danish city court saw no reason to release Bendtner because of the emergency, but freed the driver for attempted violence.

Bendtner appealed the ruling in the act and therefore the case must be dealt with in the Danish district court before there can be a valid verdict.

Rosenborg said, and showed Bendtner that the violence has no consequences for the future of the Danish club.

"We defend Nicklas as a person, but not the act of being convicted in this case. We can not comment on the circumstances surrounding the event," the club wrote in a press release.

EXCUSE ME: Nicklas Bendtner met the press after a violent night of incidents until Sunday. Video: NTB Scanpix
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Should zone in Denmark

However, practically practical, a possible judgment in the appeal case will have consequences for the star's training day. This confirms the associate professor Henning Fuglssang Sørensen at the Faculty of Law of the University of Southern Denmark, in front of Adresseavisen.

If Bendtner is again sentenced to unconditional custody, it is possible to ask the Public Prosecutor's Office to postpone and penalize the footnote if the sentence is less than 60 days in prison.

But despite Bendtner getting a footnote, he can not work with Rosenborg on Norwegian soil.

"You can request a link for photos, but you must stay in Denmark and live here," says Sørensen.

He also says that he is quickly summoned for sinning in Denmark, usually within a month.

incident of violence

The background to the verdict is that the RBK player this fall, according to witnesses and witnesses involved, ended up in a heated argument with a taxi driver in Copenhagen. The reason must be, among other things, that the couple thought that the driver drove in a way different from what they wanted.

After the couple left the taxi, the video shows that the driver shouts "his little bit louder" after Roepstorff. In his explanation, the driver alleged that Bendtner in return should have made more racist comments about him.

Under his explanation, Bendtner admitted that he overthrew the taxi driver, but rejected that he kicked the driver while lying down. It does not belong to an actor who said that the video document showed otherwise.

POPULAR MEN: The Danish Spike of Rosenborg is a popular football player. So he had to give up the process already at a break. Video: Eurosport
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Receive support

In front of Denmark's Berlingske Tidende, Bendtner's father-in-law, Jens Erik Roepstorff, expressed support for the convicted soccer player.

– I think the phrase is hard. To me, it is surprising that the city court makes judgments for reasons rather than facts. During the day, I followed the direct updates of the city court, and there I could read that no one saw Nicklas kick the taxi driver, he told the newspaper the day the sentence fell.

Shortly after the violence became known, Denmark coach Åge Hareide stated that doomed football players could not play for the national team. He has now come back to that.

– When committed a violent act, you should be held accountable. You are sentenced and sentenced to punishment, then return to society in the usual way again. That's the way it should be, Hareide told BT.

Bendtner has been the key to the press after the trial on Friday, but announced for the first time in a post on Instagram:

"I do not have much to say, besides, of course, I'm anchored," Bendtner wrote.

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