Saturday , October 23 2021

Avisland Nordland – These signs will end soon


(Broom): It started very little on January 1, 1999. Then the EL signals were introduced in Norway. as a separate badge for electric cars. A certain man, then, about how it would come out after a while. For it was the beginning of what has been a fierce revolt for the electric cars here at home.

EL was followed by EK. Also the EK series came to an end very quickly. About two years ago, this time took 17 years to less than necessary to fill the previous line.

Now the current series of EV letter code is about to end as well. New cars disappearing from dealers now have license plates showing EV 66000 and above.

At the end of summer

So it will not be long before today's EV is replaced by EB, which is probably followed by EC – probably also in record time.

In March alone, almost 11,000 new electric cars were registered in Norway. It was 58 percent of all new registered cars, where the newcomer Tesla Model 3 accounted for about half.

At first, the first electric cars with EB boards will be on the road in late summer.

The first series of the EL series was somehow self-declared. But even as the series of divorces was about to overflow, the Elbil Society wanted the heir to become EV, for "electric vehicle" in English. Instead, the Road Board went to EK, which was supposed to represent the Electric Vehicles. Then, before the EV arrived.

If we want to continue playing with the abbreviations, it is obvious to think that the second series of EB means ElBil and the next one back to Electric Car, maybe?

At the moment the signal with the registration number EV 99999 is requested, you automatically switch to the EB 10000 and so on. In each series, a maximum of 90,000 cars can be registered.

The perfect sign?

If you are a user who dreams of having an electric car with the registration number EV 99999 or EC 10000, you may want to take your finger very soon (and cross it with the neighboring finger in the hope of good luck) – as this It's very fast now. ..

There is also a big difference from country to country as electric cars and other special vehicles register – and there is a common system or international letter codes for electric cars. Most countries do not have their own electrical car signals.

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