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Apple held a presentation of its new and changed services on Monday night. Most surprising is that the news was about a separate credit card and a friends payment service that goes straight to Vipp's throat.

Apple Pay

– Everyone needs credit cards, but there is a lot of user experience that can be improved. For example, costs, simpler loyalty programs and lower interest rates, says Tim Cook.

Apple today released the Apple card. The Apple Card is developed with the iPhone in the center and can be used anywhere that accepts payments with Apple Pay. It is a purely digital product, called virtual credit card, and thus becomes a complement to traditional credit cards, rather than a substitute.

The Apple card comes naturally with its own application. For most customers of Norwegian banks, functionality will not be as revolutionary as the user experience is very similar to the mobile banking applications we already have. But most countries are far behind Norway in the scanning process and there is a great need for scanning in many places. As mentioned, the Apple card will also include the payment of friends to Vipps, integrated with iMessage.

Along with the Apple card comes a loyalty program called Daily Cash. All users receive a two percent bonus on card usage, three percent on Apple's purchases. Daily Cash is credited to the virtual card balance and can be used freely.

This creation means that Apple is becoming a financial player, as well as creating services, software and hardware. Because Apple has no financial partners, they use their own infrastructure and get all interest income.

This fall, the new EU PSD2 payment policy will be launched in the EU and the EEA. It only opens to this type of service, where companies outside the bank and the financial sector can offer payment and account services.

Traditional traders can also receive a traditional platinum payment card, with the name engraved.

Jennifer Bailey, chief of Apple Pay, shows the new Apple Card application and the card you can get if you're a conservative.

Jennifer Bailey, chief of Apple Pay, shows the new Apple Card application and the card you can get if you're a conservative.
(Photo: NTB Scanpix / Michael Short)


"We love TV, but there's so much to choose from that it can be hard to find something to watch." Our ambition is to collect your favorites and make them available on all of your Apple devices, says Tim Cook.

Apple has for some time now has an Apple TV application, in addition to the Apple TV box. What is renewed now is the application. As expected, it is a service in which you can choose the desired content and only pay for it instead of choosing a TV provider with a predetermined channel package.

Apple collaborates with multiple vendors to collect content. Everything from streaming services to cable and satellite providers. During the evening performance, Apple focused only on the American market. How this will work in Norway is currently unknown, but the existing version of Norwegian Apple TV already collects content from some vendors such as TV2 Sumo.

For users, the most important thing about the Apple TV app is that it searches for and makes recommendations on all the services you sign up for, so you do not have to switch the app to find something to watch. The challenge is to make providers "share" their users with their competitors by giving Apple a piece of cake to give users a better user experience.

The TV app is updated to a new version in May. For the first time, it will also be possible to use one of Apple's own applications on competitors' equipment. The TV application becomes available on TVs from, among others, Samsung, LG and Sony and media centers like Roku.

"And we promise not to share your personal data with anyone," says Peter Stern, chief of Apple TV.

Apple's chief of services, Peter Stern, shows the new Apple TV.

Apple's chief of services, Peter Stern, shows the new Apple TV.
(Photo: NTB Scanpix / Tony Avelar)

In addition, Apple takes the step to streaming Apple TV +, a subscription service with series and online movies with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So far, Apple has only offered movies for sale and rent. TV + should include both purchased and self-produced content, with which Apple believes it to be of the highest quality. In other words, Apple announced its entry into two new industries today; finance and film and television production.

The question is whether the market is ready for another energy service. The advantage of Apple is that many will simplify the user experience by staying in the Apple ecosystem, but at the same time, Netflix has a well-established position in that market. In comparison, Apple Music failed to threaten Spotify.

Prices and suppliers in the Norwegian solution are not yet known.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a new game subscription service for the App Store. At launch, only over 100 unique mobile games will be available. Apple Arcade will not include any games in the App Store. The service will also not provide benefits in today's games that are free to download, but are based on in-game sales. Presumably, Arcade games will be free from the occasional fierce promotions that dominate today's free games, as well as releasing advertising breaks.

The Apple Arcade can be shared in the family and becomes available worldwide this fall.

Apple News +

The first news that was presented is Apple News +. News + will in the future include full journals as well as the regular service that provides the user with news selections from different categories and markets.

The concept is what we know of Spotify and Netflix. For a fixed monthly fee, you have access to over 300 magazines. The publishers also get paid according to the same model, Apple takes a piece of the cake, the rest is distributed to the publishers according to the amount of reading one has.

There seems to be a predominance of magazines to choose from, but newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times are also on the move. Others, like the New York Times, chose to be out of Apple's distribution model.

Apple has become more and more concerned about pioneering privacy. For example, Apple News + will not track your reading to generate ad impressions, and the recommendation algorithm that suggests reading stuff to users is on your phone or tablet instead of over the Internet.

Apple News + is coming out in the US and Canada now, but it will hit Europe in the fall. The monthly fee in the US is $ 9.99, about $ 85, per month.

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