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Admit players are tired. Now the coach takes care of: – The pictures speak for themselves

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South Korea-Norway 1-2

The bracelet / OSLO: Norway are in the eighth finals of the World Cup, but their performance against South Korea in Reims on Monday night was anything but encouraging.

The Koreans led much of the fight, and the Norwegian team struggled to keep the ball on the team and prevent the opponent's room.

Caroline Graham Hansen did not hide that it was a tired gang that ran through Norway.

"I think the pictures speak for themselves that people were tired today. Fortunately, one day we have more than our opponents against the Round of 16. We have until Saturday, and I take this with an overwhelming calm. We're well-trained, but we asked almost the same team all the way. We realize that today against a good South Korea, the Barcelona player said after the game.

The South Koreans put up a very high pressure, which the Norwegian team could not handle in a good way. Graham Hansen, however, believes more than it is the fatigue that makes the team not perform better.

"Then we do not do exactly what we're going to do, and you have a little bit of yourself. It's human to do things easily, but simple things have gone wrong today, says Graham Hansen.

TV expert 2 Lene Mykjåland called the Norwegian performance "quite reasonable to look at." Solveig Gulbrandsen said that Maria Thorisdottir, Vilde Bøe Risa and Ingrid Syrstad Engen looked tired

Norway still in the World Cup, but victory may have cost too expensive

Both mentally and physically

Graham Hansen believed that the team failed to maintain the structure as in the first two games. So it was difficult for a Korean team that is among the best in the world to exploit such weaknesses in the opponent.

"We just have to keep working and be very proud to get a win on such a bad day.

– Is it mentally or physically you are more tired?

– both are. You become physically tired and then become mentally a little passive and reserved. I think everyone who is tired knows this. It's pretty normal, says Graham Hansen.

Vilde Bøe Risa also marks the World Cup race.

– We are not directly tired, but now we play the third match of the championship and we are on a trip a month ago. Maybe it's a bit natural for us to feel a little bit about this right now. But we should not lie down, despite being a bit like this today.

"Now we have to calm down and gather strength," says Bergener.

Divided together in the national team: One won Olympic skiing. The other hunts the World Cup soccer medal.

Sjögren gives free players Tuesday

Coach Martin Sjögren says the management received no sign that the players were tired. Now they grab and give the players completely free on Tuesday. Scheduled training is canceled.

– We arrived a little early in Nice. Now let's enjoy this and then prepare for the next battle.

– You have hardly touched anything on the team so far at the World Cup, and the same players played almost all the time. Did not you feel you could make some changes?

"We did not know before departure if we were or not. We also had very good player status. There are no surveys or reports that say that someone is not 100% clear. So we start with the team we most believe in.

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