A group of bondholders is negotiating with Solstad Offshore


A group of investors – the so-called ad-hoc group – have discussed with Solstad Offshore and the offshore company's financial advisors about the ongoing restructuring process.

He informs the Nordic Administrator in a letter to the owners of the company's unsecured senior loan, due in 2021.

Those who are part of this group are not yet known. In December, Arctic Securities was hired as the company's financial advisor.

The Nordic administrator writes that they have helped the group communicate with Solstad and the councilors, and will continue to do so.

The loan was originally issued in 2014 by Solstad Offshore and has a total outstanding amount close to NOK 1.1 billion.

The net interest-bearing debt of the Group was 28.6 billion kroner at the end of 2018.

The biggest owners are Kjell Inge R√łkke and John Fredriksen.


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