20,000 races – requires the series to be removed from the screen


May 31, the "Good Omens" television series, produced by Amazon, debuted. The popular series is about an imminent Armageddon, and has several supernatural elements, including an angel and a demon in the main roles.

Now, more than 20,000 American Christians have signed a campaign to get the series off the screen. He writes The Guardian.

They call the series another footprint to "make Satanism appear normal, light and acceptable."

Sympathy for Angels and Demons: Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale and David Tennant as the demon Crowley even make the apocalypse a breeze. Video: Amazon Video
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In addition, The Guardian writes that the campaign claims that God's voice in the series is from a woman and that the Antichrist is portrayed as a "normal child."

– Movies like this put the light on the truth, wrong, good and evil, and destroy the barriers that the community still has for the devil.

The group also ran the campaign against Netflix – not Amazon, which produced the series.

Neil Gaiman – who wrote one of the series of books based on, not least the series itself – replied via Twitter:

– I love writing on Netflix to cancel the series. That says it all. This is so beautiful … Can you promise not to tell them anything?

Play five dice

On Twitter, it also evolved into a frantic war between Netflix and Amazon. Amazon wrote on Friday night chirp:

– Hello, Netflix, we canceled the "Stranger Things" (Netflix production, ed. Account) if you remove "Good Omens".

Netflix wrote the previous Thursday:

"Okay, we promised not to do the series anymore."

"Good Omens" has been a major undertaking with several big stars in the cast – including David Tennant (known as "Doctor Who" and "Harry Potter"), Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm.

The daily newspaper gave the fantasy series five dice.

"Archetypical British humor is manned and sometimes a bit subtle, and the too-directed way of the show can sometimes be a bit of fun," wrote the Dagbladet critic.

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