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Victoria police enlist BMW M5 as top highway patrol car

Watch out, ne-er-wells in Victoria. There's a new sheriff in town. Road patrol officers in Victoria will now command the BMW M5, the fastest and most expensive road patrol car to enter the police service.

Well, two officers, at least. As the cherry on top of the new BMW 530d / Volkswagen Passat Turbo fleet of Victorias, two M5s will keep the peace in Victorian

While other states are implementing Kia Stinger GTs and Chrysler SRTs as substitutes for aging Falcon and Commodore fleets, Victoria's M5s pair
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A 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 sends 441kW to all four wheels, enough for the car to reach 100km / h in 3.38 seconds, according to its time.

A blue M5 was grabbed in the Victoria Police fleet department before getting her police kit, posted on a closed Facebook group with the caption "M5
Competition Package borrowed by BMW to be installed and used as a Road Patrol vehicle. "

It is understood that BMW Australia will lend the cars to the police for 12 months, which means there will be no money for the taxpayer.

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