Toyota unveils the Piecece, a HiAce convertible with a pizza oven in the back – Previews


Speaking of international holidays that were kidnapped by the corporate world, today is April 1st.

That means most of the people with the face of gasoline in social media will undoubtedly be bombarded with all sorts of fake press releases about new strange features for cars and motoring ads throughout the day. Most of them will probably be rough and horrible, but you can always rely on one or two manufacturers to get it right.

And this year one of them is Toyota Australia.

Toyota Australia announced this morning the first convertible HiAce – a vehicle they claim to be "aAn exciting alternative for the warrior of the style conscious road. "Just in 2019, soft-roof vans are in production line exclusively for the Australian market.

But behind its swish style (check out the roll-hoop!), The HiAce drop-top houses a large, scaly, meat-filled secret weapon.

The rear door is not a normal HiAce rear door. Instead, homeowners can simply slide the unit out like a giant drawer to reveal a world-wide innovation for the industry; a pie oven.

By our reckoning, the pie oven holds about 15 units of bacon and family-sized eggs – about 45 chopped and Big Bens cheese, or over-saturated 114-inch chips.

The controls for adjusting the oven temperature are accessible on the side of the oven, although it is expected that these adjustments can also be made from the driver's seat. It's unclear if the oven incorporates Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

To end it all, like a generous sauce of sugary red sauce, is the name of the hacked HiAce. It's called PieAce.

None of this is real, of course. But, following the social media story's answer, maybe Toyota Australia has a winning idea for future production in their hands …


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