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The biggest loser of the abyss between William and Harry


It may be the most famous roast chicken in history.

It was the way back in late 2017 and a couple of young love birds were baking one (let's assume) organic chook, the delicious scent floating through their little hut. Then he, a redheaded larrikin, asked the question to his clever and talented girlfriend. So they got married and found their faces in a million tea towels.

But lost among all the adventures of last year's royal wedding, the fact that when Harry got down on his knees, he was profoundly altering his relationship with another woman he loved: Kate.

Since Prince William carried his mother's 12-carat sapphire and diamond ring to Africa in 2010 and finally asked Kate to marry him, Prince Harry was the couple's delightful third wheel. (At the time, he ironically joked that he always wanted a sister and was now getting one.)

Before Harry met Meghan, they were like three tweed-loving musketeers and at official events, Christmas walks to the church at Sandringham and charity, there he was, a daring and daring figure, making Kate laugh and William laugh.

In fact, spend some time looking at archive photos of Windsor's youth from the past decade and you'll find one shot after another of Kate, a beautiful, shiny slice of street glamor between two guys in blazers or uniforms.

Such was the level of closeness of the trio, they even set up a charity together, Heads Together, with the aim of starting a conversation about mental health.

And then, Harry went to a blind date, got run over, bought the sets of Suitcases, and the rest of the story is now a Hallmark movie.

Adding a room to her number would always change things, and when friends got married, the dynamics always changed between close friends.

Harry and Kate always seemed to share a special bond. Photo / Getty Images
Harry and Kate always seemed to share a special bond. Photo / Getty Images

But a lot more happened last year.

It has been impossible to avoid the myriad of headlines about how Harry and Wills's relationship had been as frozen as a forgotten Paddle Pad on the back of the freezer since the wedding of Meghan and Harry in 2018.

Reports suggested that a supposed cleavage between Meghan and Kate was the cause of the tensions between the couples, but then they focused on the brothers themselves.

According to several reports, the brothers disagreed with Wills' alleged concerns about Meghan's suitability as a royal bride. (I'm not sure why: she seems to be breaking into a hat and can clearly go through a dinner with Prince Philip.)

Harry supposedly was annoyed, threw his favorite cap and beard in his backpack and left the lives of the Cambridges.

Lost among the flood of coverage over the tattered relationship of siblings is how last year must have affected Kate.

He left his old friend who understood the restrictions and tensions of real life.

Likewise, for Harry, a man who, according to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, struggled with loneliness in his 20s and 30s, the constant love and support of his sister-in-law are gone.

Kate gave him a loyal and caring female presence as her personal life passed. (Remember, he's had three serious girlfriends in the last eight years, plus a few brief romantic interludes as well. It's been a roller coaster ride).

For both, the loss of their intimate ties and their emotional connection must have been felt intensely in the last 12 months.

That's why the new reports should put a smile on their face: the boys from Wales have fixed things by all accounts. Wills and Kate are believed to have appeared because of a cookie and a dandelion around Frogmore Cottage after last week's Easter service.

It may not be a coincidence, so just a few days later, Kate and Harry were together again, the pair facing the service of Anzac Day at Westminster Abbey, the couple laughing amiably as they made their way inside. The photos are amazing: she's the happiest she's seen for some time.

Two may be company, but when it comes to the Windsors, three is a very good crowd.

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