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Statement from Apple and Stonefruit industry member

Statement from Apple and Stonefruit industry member – MPI meeting
with ease in the USA

A meeting between MPI representatives
and the CPCNW plant has just concluded in Prosser,
Washington, USA.

The following declaration is issued by
Members of the Apple and Stonefruit industry group, a number of
who were present at the meeting.

Apple and
members of stonefruit industry satisfied relationship between MPI
and US facilities are now moving in the right direction, but
is just the beginning for MPI

The nursery is
fruit trees in the center of legal action
against MPI on apple and rough stone plants seized and
plant material has worked hard to facilitate the
reconstruction of the relationship between MPI and US-based
Clean plant northwest center (CPCNW).

Last night
night at the CPCNW facility in Prosser, Washington,
MPI representatives held their first face-to-face meeting
meeting with members of the CPCNW since a discontinued audit
in March.

Member of the industry and owner of McGrath Nurseries,
Andy McGrath, organized the meeting on behalf of the New
New Zealand companies most affected when MPI revoked
accreditation of the CPCNW installation.

providing New Zealand orchards and nurseries with new and
varieties of innovative plants for more than 30 years and
critical role in the future of New Zealand apple and
stonefruit export industry.

CPCNW holds new varieties of
peaches, nectarines and cherries containing
potential for nurseries and orchards in New Zealand. These
varieties were specifically developed to serve consumers
demand for taste, size and nutritional value. The prospectus
to grow these varieties commercially in New Zealand opens
export market opportunities for China, the US, and
somewhere else.

Andy McGrath said: "We are excited that the
meeting was collaborative and constructive. The conversation
in relation to CPCNW's re-accreditation was robust and I am
pleased to see both parties moving towards an acceptable
position in which accreditation can be obtained in a timely manner

"We will continue to promote strong
relationship between MPI and CPCNW. New Zealand should
gain much more from these discussions. We are a small player
in the global market for horticulture and fresh
Access to premium varieties is important for us to continue

"But this is just the beginning for MPI. This is
over time they picked up the ball and started running with
this. Lots of taxpayers' money wasted on MPI
inaction or illegal actions, such as the illegal seizure of
plant material, "added Andy McGrath.

"Industry Members
resoution with respect to compensation for
losses and costs incurred as a result of the illegal seizure
of plant materials. Owners of nurseries and orchards have suffered
signifcant interruptions in normal business and
these owners were affected by personal life and
relationships. The MPI hardly recognized the impact of
Your actions.

"In addition, the industry is seeking a
review and complete update of the Import Health Standards (IHS)
for Prunus (stonefruit), Malus (apple) and
Pyrus(pear) as these are well behind. The standard
for Pyrus expired in 2004!


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