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Smartshares, Blackrock to launch 8 new ETFs on NZX

NZX's Smartshares and Blackrock, the world's largest asset manager, will launch eight new ETFs on the stock exchange in June.

The funds will have social and environmental responsibility (ESG) themes and will offer investors exposure to "megatrends" and global bonds, Smartshares said.

Chief Executive Hugh Stevens said Smartshares, which launched the first New Zealand ETF in 1996, was approached by investors who were concerned about investing their money.

"Many are willing to invest, but not at the expense of the environment or socially acceptable practices," Stevens said in a statement.

"Smartshares is offering ESG-friendly ETFs because we want to see more investment options in New Zealand that fit different values ​​and beliefs, and we believe it's good for the environment and promote a fair and responsible trading environment," he said. he.

Five new funds will provide international equity exposure for emerging markets, North American, European, Japanese and global markets.

Each fund eliminates environmentally or socially harmful activities, such as firearms and the nuclear weapons industries.

Two ETFs in the suite will invest in robotics, automation and healthcare, described by Blackrock as "megatrends" – powerful and transformative forces that could change the global economy, business environment, and society.

"The automation and robotics ETF will give investors access to business areas, including artificial intelligence and e-commerce logistics, while the healthcare innovation ETF will explore areas such as personalized medicine and immunotherapy," said Blackrock.

Smartshares will also offer a New ZEaland dollar hedge of the Global Aggregate Bond hedge that provides access to passive fixed income exposure.

Christian Obrist, director of BlackRock's iShares business in Australasia, said the new funds would offer investors more options.

"We see more and better uses of ETFs being fueled by demand from investors themselves, who are continually looking for innovative ways to access new exposures, achieve portfolio results and progress toward their investment goals," he said.

Smartshares is the only issuer of New Zealand ETFs listed on the NZX Main Board and, in six registered schemes, manages more than $ 3.1 billion on behalf of more than 70,000 investors.

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