Scary relationship? The Strange Friendship of Macaulay Culkin with Michael Jackson


In 2005, two prominent witnesses saved Michael Jackson from prison in his second child molestation trial. One of them was Wade Robson, who in 2013 said he lied to protect the man who sexually abused him from seven to 14 years of age.

The other was Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin has been one of the most vocal defenders of the pop icon, calling Jackson's charges "utterly ridiculous" and describing him as "hilarious" and "sweet."

The child star recently called Jackson his "best friend," and said his proximity, despite the age difference of 22 years, "made sense" because of their similar life stories.

But the allegations in the confrontation documentary Leaving Neverland cast the odd pair's relationship in a different light.

The pair met when Jackson and Donald Trump went backstage to meet up with Culkin after performing at The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center in New York at the age of nine.

They cemented the friendship a year later when the young man became famous at Home Alone in 1990 and Jackson called and said they should get together to talk about their similar experiences.

They had a lot in common – Jackson had also found fame at age 10 on the Jackson 5, and both had problems with their parents. Culkin said that Father Kit was a "final b * tard" and was "jealous" of him because "everything he tried to do in his life made me stand out before he was 10 years old." They have been separated for 23 years.


Robson was five when he first met Jackson after winning a stage dance competition when the star visited Australia in 1987.

Bad singer invited the boy and his family to the United States two years later, and the abuses began, with the pair regularly sharing a bed at Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Now 36, Robson describes in the documentary how devastated he was when Culkin, then 10, arrived on the scene a few years later and was chosen to appear in the Black or White video of the King of Pop in 1991, a part that Robson said. he had been promised.

"This was the first time I faced the new friend Macaulay Culkin," he said. "Macaulay was where I was on my previous trips, alongside Michael every now and then."

That same year, Thriller, 33, joined Culkin on a trip he was taking to Bermuda with a young friend's family. Jackson appeared at the Princess Hotel with a suitcase full of water pumps.

Michael Jackson and Wade Robson. Photo / Provided
Michael Jackson and Wade Robson. Photo / Provided

The star child shared a bed with Jackson on several occasions between the ages of 10 and 14, testifying in 2005 that they slept in the same bed 10 times "at most."

Jackson was constantly surrounded by children and had special relationships with a number of young boys. The child star was regularly portrayed on adventure travel with his favorites, usually one at a time, holding his hands while the press crowded around him.

Robson said he was also jealous when Jackson led Brett Barnes on his Dangerous tour after the singer told him no children were allowed. Mr Barnes maintains that there has never been any abuse.

In 1993 Jordan "Jordie" Chandler, 13, accused Jackson of sexually abusing him a year earlier. British fan Terry George said that the same year Jackson masturbated on the phone while talking to him when he was 13 and the singer of Billie Jean was 21 years old in 1979.

Robson, Culkin and James Safechuck made statements in support of Jackson, and the actor settled out of court with the Chandler family for $ 22 million.

Safechuck, a child actor who met Jackson at age 10 when they starred in a Pepsi ad, is the second accuser at Leaving Neverland.

Michael Jackson with 10 year old Jimmy Safechuck in 1988. Photo / Getty Images
Michael Jackson with 10 year old Jimmy Safechuck in 1988. Photo / Getty Images

He said he also lied to protect Jackson in 1993, and was abused by the singer between 10 and 14 years. Safechuck said the sexual abuse began when Jackson introduced him to masturbation on a holiday in Paris with his family. .

Children's cancer survivor Gavin Arvizo, 13, made similar allegations in 2005. He and his younger brother claimed that Jackson showed them pornography and gave them alcohol, which he called "Jesus juice."

This time Safechuck refused to speak up for Jackson, but both Robson and Culkin gave him his support. A jury said this week that she and another jury member never believed in the boys, but agreed to the verdict favored by her fellow jurors.

Jackson was found innocent on all counts.

I've slept in a bed with many children,

Macaulay Culkin as a boy. Photo / Getty Images
Macaulay Culkin as a boy. Photo / Getty Images

Culkin and his younger brother Kieran used to spend time at the remote California ranch when they were young, with actor Richie Rich describing how they enjoyed video game competitions, water balloon wrestling, and sleeping on beds at Jackson's movies.

In his 2005 testimony, revisited by Vanity Fair, Culkin said there was an alarm on the door of the singer's bedroom. "There was a kind of catwalk, where if anyone approached the door, it would be like" ding-dong, ding-dong, "he said. "When someone approached the room, yes, you would hear that kind of soft alarm, like a ding-dong thing."

But the infant star said that he always slept fully dressed and that the singer had an "open door policy," adding, "I've never seen him do anything improper with anyone."

Safechuck talked about the alarm in the documentary, adding that the singer sometimes put a blanket in the closet so they could hide there.

"I slept in a bed with lots of kids," Jackson told reporter Martin Bashir in 2003 in the documentary Living with Michael Jackson.

"I slept in a bed with all of them when Macaulay Culkin was small." Kieran Culkin slept on this side, Macaulay Culkin was on this side … We all just lay down in bed, we would wake up at dawn and go hot air balloon.

Kieran does not often talk about his relationship with Jackson. His older brother, Shane, sometimes joined them and Jackson on nightly movie tours or trips to Toys "R" Us. His brother Rory was very young and his sisters generally did not participate.

Safechuck said he and Jackson often went out on lavish shopping excursions in Los Angeles, and held a wedding ceremony at the age of ten. In Leaving Neverland, Safechuck, now 40, shows jewelry Jackson gave him in exchange for sexual favors. , including a Rolex ring.

The singer bought Culkin from Rolex when he was 11, and they talked on the phone for hours on end. But the child actor said his friendship was "so normal and mundane," saying that people questioned him "just because he was the most famous person in the world."

Culkin said he already had money "so it was not so inspiring."

Several former Jackson staff members claimed to have seen improper conduct between Jackson and Culkin, but the actor fiercely denied it in court.

"I could not believe that, first of all, these people were saying these things, let alone being out there and people thinking about that sort of thing," he said.

Adrian McManus, Jackson's maid from 1990 to 1994, said he often found underwear and tubs of boys' vaseline in the singer's large two-story room, filled with children's souvenirs and a hot tub.

"I began to realize, thinking, imagining, when he was bathing with the boys and they were sleeping in his bed," she told 60 Minutes. "When I went the next day, there was underwear for boys, or on the floor with Michael's, or they were in the jacuzzi.

"And then I'd find underwear in your bed, too.

"There was a lot of Vaseline in Michael's room, actually it was all over the ranch."

A chef at Neverland testified that he had seen Jackson with his hand up to Culkin's shorts.

Security guard Ralph Chacon said he saw Jackson doing a sex act on a 10-year-old boy in the shower – but the singer's defense painted the guard as a bitter former employee.

Governess Blanca Francia, who worked for Jackson from 1986 to 1991, said during the 2005 trial that she had seen Jackson bathing with Mr. Robson when he was seven.

His son, Jason, was allegedly molested by Jackson three times – twice at Neverland Ranch and once at the Los Angeles star's apartment. The Francias family reached an out-of-court settlement with Jackson worth $ 2 million, and Jason testified against the singer in 2005.


Macaulay Culkin defended Jackson years ago. Photo / Getty Images
Macaulay Culkin defended Jackson years ago. Photo / Getty Images

Culkin stopped regularly visiting Neverland around the age of 14 – the same age as Robson and Safechuck claim to have been when his relationship with Jackson ran out.

It was around the same time that the young actor's parents divorced, which he said was "one of the best things that ever happened," because that led him to take a break from the industry.

He sued them over their $ 17 million ($ 21.2 million) in a custody dispute when he was 15 years old, and had his names removed as his legal guardians so they could no longer control his fortune.

At age 17, the actor began to return to Neverland, but used to sleep in a guest room, he witnessed in 2005, because he "liked my privacy a bit more."

In 2002, Culkin began dating Mila Kunis and the two were together for nine years. The actress later told Howard Stern that Culkin's extreme level of fame was difficult to deal with.

In 2004, he was charged in Oklahoma City with marijuana possession and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Police seized 17.3 grams of marijuana, eight tablets of Xanax and 16 tablets identified as clonazepam, a sedative used to treat anxiety and seizures that can be addictive.

Since Jackson died at age 50 after an overdose of anesthetic propofol in 2009, Culkin remained close to the singer's daughter, Paris, his goddaughter. The pair even have tattoos the same.

Culkin and his godson Paris Jackson show their tattoos at Snapchat. Photo / Paris Jackson Snapchat
Culkin and his godson Paris Jackson show their tattoos at Snapchat. Photo / Paris Jackson Snapchat

"I'm very protective of her," he said of Paris, 19, last year. "She's loved by me."

In 2012, photographs showed he looked slim, and rumors swirled about him battling a drug addiction, which he denied. He left Hollywood in 2016 to spend time working as Adam Green's roadie for The Moldy Peaches and Har Mar Superstar, and playing with the Velvet Underground's Underground Pizza tribute.

Safechuck and Robson filed suit in 2013 and 2014, respectively, saying they were suffering from anxiety and depression after having their own children. They said they were silent until then because Jackson had warned that they could go to jail if they talked about sexual abuse – and they grew up loving it.

The lawsuit was suspended in 2017 because it took too long for Jackson's estate to be held liable. Both are attractive.

Jackson's attorney, Tom Mesereau, characterized the star's accusers, including Safechuck and Robson, as "opportunists who want to make money."

The property of the late pop star said in a statement that the documentary was "another sinister production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and profit from Michael Jackson."

Leaving Neverland's director, Dan Reed, said he did not reach Culkin while doing the documentary. "Macaulay was registered many, many times, including recently to say that his relationship with Jackson was innocent," he said.

Culkin, 38, recently starred in Seth Green's Changeland film and told the New York Times he was dividing his time between New York and Paris by hiking between two and four in the morning to avoid the paparazzi.


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