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Resident Evil 2 has been an incredible success for Capcom, with the game keeping the distinction of being the highest rated game of 2019 so far. Now the fans are looking at the next game in the resident Evil franchise, with most of the rumors pointing to a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Nothing official has been announced yet, but it seems that Capcom itself started to provoke the game on Twitter.

While it is possible that fans are misunderstanding some of Capcom's recent tweets, they appear to be subtle signals to Resident Evil 3: Nemesisand may well be an indication that the rumors RE3 remake is under development. The first potential provocation came on April 15 in the form of a screen capture of the resident Evil remake, showing Jill Valentine standing in a corner.

The caption in the photo says, "Have you ever felt like someone was watching you …?" While this may be a reference to the fact that the camera fixes on this particular screenshot comes from under a desk, some fans have considered it as a sign for how Jill Valentine was relentlessly pursued by Raccoon City by the monster Nemesis.

The second tweet is a little more attractive. Originally posted on Twitter on April 16th, he shows Claire Redfield at Resident Evil 2 remake standing in front of a destroyed wall. The caption with this photo asks the fans what they think happened to the wall there, instead of assigning it to Mr. X's tyrant.

Since Capcom is not saying that Mr. X has made that particular hole in the wall, and there is really no other Resident Evil 2 monsters who could have done it, many understood that Nemesis could have been the culprit. The responses to the photo on Twitter are full of people suggesting that Nemesis has made the hole in the wall, and more than a few clearly believe that the photo is a direct sequence Resident Evil 3 remake teaser.

Whether or not Capcom wanted these tweets to be provocative for Resident Evil 3 remake or is not in debate. However, if the rumors Resident Evil 3 launch date of January 2020 is accurate, then perhaps the game will be officially announced at E3 2019 in June, and rumors can be put to rest.

O Resident Evil 3: Nemesis There are rumors that the remake is under development for unspecified platforms.


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