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Pua Magasiva: Shortland Street co-stars pay tribute to & # 39; friend, mentor & brother & # 39;


Close friends and colleagues at Pua Magasiva continue to share messages of regret, love and support for the actor and his family.

The old one Shortland Street The actor was found dead in Wellington on Saturday morning. There were no suspicious circumstances, police said. A spokesman for South Pacific Pictures confirmed his death.

Until September, the Magasiva hosted The alarm clock on the Flava radio station. Her former co-host, Sela Alo shared her pain Sunday night in a message addressed to Magasiva.

Pua Magasiva's close friends and colleagues continue to share messages of regret, love and support for the actor.


Pua Magasiva's close friends and colleagues continue to share messages of regret, love and support for the actor.

"In the name of the thousands of hearts you made smile … We love you." God bless, "he said. The Flava host said he was struggling over the weekend and wished Magasiva knew how many people would miss him.

* The family of Pua Magasiva recognizes & # 39; shedding of love & # 39; by the former star of Shortland Street
* Pua Magasiva shared a life that painted images of loving father and husband
* * RIP Pua & # 39 ;: Tributes are awarded to Shortland Street actor Pua Magasiva

"Do you ever see how much love people have for you? You know how many lives you've touched with your stinking jokes, your stinking spell, your smelly beauty and your stinky haircut," Alo asked.

Many of the former members of Magasiva Shortland St co-stars including his son on the screen, Duane Wichman-Evans Jr, Jayden Daniels and Australian actor Luke Patrick, have paid homage to the 38-year-old actor on social networks.

Remembering his first meeting and speaking of his kind nature and contagious energy, Daniels said, "My heart is deeply pained by you pooz."

"You gave guidance, criticism, but most important always reminded me of having fun.

"His energy was so contagious and I am so thankful that my way crossed his," Daniels wrote.

Wichman-Evans Jr wrote a message "to one of my dearest friends."

"It was my honor to be your son in Baixinha, sending endless loves and blessings to the Magasiva family.

"I always miss you my friend, mentor and brother."

Sharing photos of Magasiva, Australian actor Luke Patrick wrote a heartfelt message about his time in Shortland Street and his friendship.

He spoke of the orientation that Magasiva would give on the set saying "You would always prepare me with Pua's lecture that was full of love, trust, and support."

Patrick explained how they spoke just over a week ago and how he wanted them to keep their plans to meet.

"I really wish we would keep our plans to meet that Friday after work for a few beers as we had planned. It's okay, bro, we'll have our beers a little later.

"Do not forget to come down and visit us from time to time, my brother."

Grace Palmer shared a photo of her with Magasiva saying, "No one has lit a room like you did."

"You were the big brother I always wanted and my life was richer by having you in it."

Another of Magasiva's colleagues, Lionel Wellington, wrote a message explaining: "you rocked the country's brother."

News of his death spread throughout the world, with many knowing Magasiva about his role as Power Ranger in the early 2000s Power Rangers Ninja Storm and DinoThunder.

Pua Magasiva leaves a daughter of his first marriage and wife Lizz Sadler (photo), with whom he married last year.

Pua Magasiva leaves a daughter of his first marriage and wife Lizz Sadler (photo), with whom he married last year.

His power Rangers co-stars Glenn McMillan, Adam Tuominen and Jason David Frank spoke about their "beloved Pua".

The Melbourne Rebels rugby player, Jordan Uelese, also shared a message of regret for "my use" – brother.

"I still can not believe you left my use … thank you for everything."

There was a display of regret from fans around the world.

Graphic artist Ryan Lindberg shared a masterpiece of Magasiva in his red power Rangers clothes looking at the sky.

The star born in Samoa was raised in Wellington with the older brother and actor Robbie.

In addition to appearing in over 450 Shortland Street episodes, he was known for his roles in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Sione weddingand television series Auckland Daze and Fortuna Outrageous.

He leaves a daughter of his first marriage and wife Lizz Sadler, whom he married last year.


The actor, best known for his long role in Shortland Street, was found dead in Wellington.

Pua Magasiva's Career Highlights

1994-2018: Played Vinnie Kruse in 451 episodes of Shortland Street. Magasiva left office in 2006 but made her comeback in 2011. Other family members made the first family unit in Polynesia. He left the role once in April 2018.

2015-2018: Breakfast host on Flava radio station

2012: Sione 2: Unfinished Business (movie)

2009: Fortuna Outrageous (played Isaac in four episodes of the television series)

2007: 30 days a night, an American vampire thriller by British director David Slade

2006: Sione wedding

2003-2004: Power Rangers Ninja Storm and DinoThunder (TV series)

2001 – The other side of the sky (movie)


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