Passenger wears all your clothes to avoid baggage fee


A woman from the UK wore almost 4 kg of clothing on her flight to avoid an excess baggage charge of 75 euros.

Natalie Wynn, 30, was charged on a flight by Thomas Cook for an all-inclusive trip to the Canary Islands, The sun reports.

His case was 9.4 kg, well above the 6 kg limit.

She would not pay for it, explaining that she did not bring money for the trip because her expenses had already been paid. So instead she was creative.

"I put on four dresses, two pairs of shorts, tied a dress around my neck, put on a skirt, put two dresses in the dresses I wore, and two pairs of shoes as well, and a cardigan," she said. said.

"It definitely worked. Normally I check the weight of the luggage, but I checked in online for me and my friend, but we got to the counter and they just stopped me."

Wynn said she was allowed to remove all excess clothing when she got on the plane, and was able to fix everything.

The airline did not bother, praising Wynn for his quick rationale under pressure.

"Natalie's ingenuity here is noticed," a spokesman said. The sun.

"The good news for Natalie and the rest of our customers is that by the end of this month we are increasing our hand baggage allowance to 8kg.

"This will help her travel a little less like Joey's Friends next time."

Friends & # 39; Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc, wore all of his roommate Chandler's clothes at once in an attempt to annoy his friend in a 1996 episode of the hit comedy.



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