Monday , October 18 2021

New Facebook Dangerous Feature May Reveal Chase Habits


A new Facebook feature may mean bad news for those who are prone to chasing online.

The social media platform has released an app update that gives users the ability to enjoy a photo simply by tapping on it twice.

So far it was only possible to like something by directly touching the & # 39; below – but not more.

The double-tap previously worked as a zoom feature, which means that Facebook users who want to see a photo in more detail can have difficult accidental tastes.

The double ring has existed for years on Instagram, and is notorious for donating late-night scrolling habits – especially embarrassing if the accidental one approaches an ex or a potential new boyfriend.

The new feature has some people worried.

"Oh no, I do this to zoom in when I'm in stalker mode," one of them said on Twitter.

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