Saturday , October 23 2021

Mother says she was "ashamed of her body", forced to leave her son's birthday party for wearing a "provocative"


Emke posted on the unpleasant experience on Facebook, describing the incident as "body embarrassment."

"I've seen people there using less and nothing is said for them. I actually believe something was said to me because I'm not skinny so it's not considered sexy.

"I've never had a culture top before and I was nervous at first about using it, but my husband loved the way he looked at me and encouraged me to wear it. I really felt cute and now I never want to wear that shirt, she added.

The post has amassed more than 1,500 tweets and 700 comments, with other Facebook users showing support for Emke.

"I'm sorry that you went through this. [sic]. I hope the pain goes away. I think you're fine, "one woman wrote.

"Sueretta, you're beautiful and there was nothing wrong with how you were dressed," wrote another.

The restaurant offered an apology and said they are taking the incident as a lesson.

"People know and love us because of the family dining experience we offer and the way we make our guests feel at home, but we do not seem to reach the mark in this situation," a spokesman told TODAY in a statement.

"While we do not offer specific dress guidelines, we think the decision made seems out of sync. We are grateful that the issue was brought to our attention because it represents an educational opportunity for our restaurants and a chance to make up with a guest. . "


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