Married at first glance recap, episode 35: final dates, a diamond surprise and a brief knife fight


During the episode tonight Married at first sight, we continue with the final dates before couples decide whether or not they will get out of the experiment – a practice I enjoy using in my own relationship.

I'm constantly demanding my boyfriend's "closing dates" and threatening to end things if they go awry. Keep the seasoning alive.

First, let's take a look at Jess & Dan and Ning & Mark, who are waking up the morning after the last encounters together.

Jess and Dan

For Jess and Dan – who liked the end date (first, really) the day before – things are good.


They woke up in each other's arms after consummating their wedding, and Jess tries to tell us about the knowledge of Dan's room. Unfortunately I can not recapitulate this particular moment because I immediately changed my TV until I was sure it was over the phrase.

Not for long enough, though. We witnessed Jess telling Dan that she will be the only girl in her bed "forever", and then Dan tells us awkwardly that it was "making love" and "not having sex." So romantic…

Jess has already decided she will move to the Gold Coast to be with Dan after the experiment.

She tells us – and Dan – that she is in love with him, and it is kind of uncomfortable and about three years too early.

"I feel like you're falling for me, honey," Jess tells Dan, who looks extremely nervous.

Jess tells us, "I'm definitely falling in love with Dan.

Unfortunately, Dan is not feeling the same way.

"I'm not there," he says awkwardly.

Okay, you all have been officially arrested in these apartments for a long time.


Okay, you all have been officially arrested in these apartments for a long time.

There is an alarming knife fight scene, but both parts escape unharmed.

Ning & Mark

In the Blue Mountains, Ning is a little devout. His attempts to sleep with Mark at the end of the final date were futile.

"I feel a little cheated," Ning says. "I was waiting for a little something. Last night was the night and he did not come."

She is wondering why he bothered to stay during the final engagement ceremony if he would not take things to the next level.

Ning and Mark are both concerned about their final votes.

Jules & Cam

Jules wakes up to find a Cam card.

"Hi, beautiful, today is another wonderful day in the incredible, incredible and grateful life that we are fortunate to live together.

"Get ready to roll back the clock to some old-fashioned novel you deserve, for I'm taking you in my time machine to take you back to a place we'll never forget.

Unfortunately, Jules does not dress properly.

Expectations v Reality.


Expectations v Reality.

Meanwhile, Cam is in a jewelry store buying Jules a pink gold tennis bracelet.

He takes her in an old car and takes her to a bubble park, proving that these two literally always have champaz in their backpacks for a certain moment.

Here, he gives her the bracelet, and in addition to a brief moment when Jules thought that Cam was proposing, it is a very sweet moment.

A musical duo appears and plays a romantic song while Jules and Cam recreate their first dance. Yay for real music! Usually the people in this show just hit each other badly.

Heidi and Mike

Mike gets his instructions to plan a date for his wife, but then throws them in the trash.

"I really like being outdoors, so today I'm taking Heidi on a sailboat sailing through Sydney Harbor, past the Opera House and Harbor Bridge, one of the most beautiful places in the country," he says.

Mike [staring at the Sydney Harbour Bridge]: This bridge! Have you gone up? It's beautiful.
Heidi: No. I really have no interest in climbing it.
Mike: Let's do this, let's go up the bridge.
Heidi: But remember I just said that I really have no interest in climbing it?
Mike: Yeah, I know that, but you might be in love when you do it.

Heidi, I'm telling you this as a friend. If you stay with this man, he will make you see him play the social sport of Division 5 and say it is to your benefit. Write permission, for your own good.

Mike tells Heidi that they are going on a boat. Heidi is quite confused by this gesture. The worst part of their marriage so far has happened on a boat. She also has a history of sea sickness.

Legal, legal, legal, legal, legal.

Mike tries to get Heidi up in the crow's nest with him, but she refuses. He happily goes alone, and Heidi feels like the date is over him than she is. Australia nods.

She also wants to vomit from seasickness. Mike is happily unconscious, and when he finally returns to his wife, she tries to explain how she is feeling.

Mike ends up reading a poem for his wife, and it's slightly better than what Dino wrote to Melissa – which was marginally better than the rap that Dean wrote to Tracey. But not much.

Back at his apartments, Mike ends up going to bed alone and Heidi and Heidi question whether they can survive outside the experiment.

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