Johnny Depp may be fired from the cinema after new allegations of abuse by Amber Heard


Hollywood star Johnny Depp could be fired from his new film series after his scandalous divorce and allegations of abuse with actress Amber Heard.

Depp, who denies abusing Heard, has been cast to star in the upcoming series of JK Rowling, Fantastic Animals 3, as Gellert Grindelwald – however movie executives are "freaking out" about new court documents involving accusations of ear abuse, a source told Post.

The script for the film was completed, however, filming was delayed for next year.

Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 2.
Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 2.

"Warner Bros. executives are wondering how to deal with the reaction to the Depp issue in the Harry Potter franchise," a source said.

"Top-level female executives in the studio are extremely worried about how to work with Depp and the message she sends to the public, especially after the recent sordid exit from CEO Kevin Tsujihara," who last month announced that he was leaving amidst a scandal of casting couch.

"This is another blow to the morale of the studio employees," the source said.

"If Warner Bros continues to depend on Depp, that will reveal a lot about the values ​​the company holds."

The source statement comes after Heard labeled Depp a "monster" by asking a judge to dismiss a $ 50 million defamation lawsuit filed by Depp over an article she wrote in the Washington Post in December claiming to be a victim of domestic violence.

In the motion filed in a courtroom in Virginia, Heard describes in extraordinary new detail how Depp repeatedly knocked, shoved, choked and pulled his hair before and during his two-year marriage, the Telegraph UK reports.

I heard that Depp could be a
I heard that Depp could be a "monster" before and during his two-year marriage.

Photographs showing eyelids with bruises on the face and scars on the arms, as well as newly released screen shots of text messages describing the incidents were produced as exhibits.

Depp denied such abuse. The couple married in February 2015 and divorced in January 2017.

I heard that Depp started abusing drugs and alcohol about a year into their relationship after they started dating in 2012, which led him to become a "totally different person."

"We call that version of Johnny the Monster," the statement said.

Depp's new text messages appear to reveal his apologies.
Depp's new text messages appear to reveal his apologies.

She added that Depp teased her by shouting "James Franco" to her and shouted obscenities in the jet bathroom until he passed out.

In March 2015, a month after the wedding, Heard alleged that Depp physically abused her when he embarked on a three-day outbreak of ecstasy in Australia.

Heard said during an argument about his drug, Depp hit her and pushed her to the floor before she locked herself in a room.

The next morning she claimed to have found Depp drinking after he stayed up all night and took about eight MDMA tablets.

I heard her ex-husband choked her, spit in her face, threw closed glass bottles at her, and shoved her to a ping-pong table.

The 32-year-old said Depp also ripped off her sweater leaving her "naked and barefoot, covered in alcohol and glass."

Heard admitted she punched Depp for "the only time" in the same month for fear the Pirates of the Caribbean actor would push her younger sister Whitney down the stairs at her Los Angeles home.

I heard that Depp had written messages for her on the walls around her house.
I heard that Depp had written messages for her on the walls around her house.

According to the court ruling in December 2015, Depp allegedly "pulled large pieces of hair and scalp" from Heard's head during an argument at his apartment.

The documents state, "Johnny chose another fight with me. He threw another bottle at me, knocked objects around the room and punched the wall.

"He slapped me hard, grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me from a ladder to the study, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the bedroom, and then to the guest room."

Heard's attorney, Eric George, said: "Johnny Depp verbally and physically abused Amber Heard."

He went on to plead: "Since his divorce, Mr. Depp has continued to publicly persecute Mrs. Heard, and has tried to ignite the light of the world by denying its abuse.

"It's past the hour of Mr. Depp's contemptible conduct to finish."

I heard that Depp ripped big pieces of hair off his head during drug attacks.
I heard that Depp ripped big pieces of hair off his head during drug attacks.

Depp's lawyer, Adam Waldman, said the new documents were being reviewed. He said earlier that his client was eager to provide evidence that would clear his name.

The lawsuit claims Depp suffered financial losses, including being raised from his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, because of accusations published in the Washington Post in which Heard said she was a victim of domestic violence.

The piece did not mention Depp by name or described any incident, but discussed the situation of those who speak against the abuse.

But the Depp lawsuit says it was clear that Heard was talking about him, and that made it worse the damage claims had already done in his career.

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