Monday , March 1 2021

Intel dotted tablet-smartphone patent

The foldable device scene is growing rapidly, with some of the world's biggest technology players getting involved, including Samsung and Xiaomi – not wanting to be left behind, Intel is also developing its own product.

The 2017 patent for the device was originally identified by LetsGoDigital and contains some rather meticulous details about a phone that unfolds on a tablet. The designs were accurate enough for LetsGoDigital to create some 3D renderers to give us an idea of ​​what the device will look like.

The device seems to have a screen that will be folded in two points, creating the appearance of three different devices in one – a smartphone, in a (very) mini-notebook with a keyboard and finally fully unfolded on a tablet. This mechanical design sounds very similar to the Xiaomi folding device that was recently brought on, although the Intel version is used in a different style – and also seems to include a stylus to boot.

Intel has already produced folding devices before under the code name "Tiger Rapids," and with Microsoft planning to make a version of Windows 10 for folding devices – 2019 is certainly becoming the year of folding devices.

The first folding device to be released on the market was the Royole FlexPai, which we have at CES's hands this year.

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