Hotter than normal, expected winter start


Early winter can be exceptionally hot, say meteorologists.

Between May and July, Niwa predicted that temperatures would probably be above average across the country, although it is likely that there will be cold and frost, particularly in colder locations, as the season progresses.

Forecasters said sea heat wave conditions that continued in the Tasman Sea last month meant warmer seas than normal, which could lead to shorter and less severe cold periods during early winter, according to the report. Seasonal Climate Outlook.

Sea surface temperatures around the country ranged from 0.8C to 2.1C warmer than normal.

And the hot seas would likely continue next quarter, Niwa predicted.

But that does not mean that the next three months would be dry.

Precipitation could be above normal in the west of the South Island, while the north of the South Island would receive the usual amount.

For the North Island and the rest of the South, rainfall may be below average, Niwa said. But meteorologists warned that there is an equal chance that it would be as humid as normal.

Models predicted that the El NiƱo weather pattern that the country has experienced over the past few months would certainly continue through July and would probably last until next summer.

As for this weekend, parts of the country were expected to see the mercury rise well above average.

A high-pressure mountain range in much of the country would bring above-average temperatures across the country – with parts of the South Island rising to above 6 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in Auckland would be around 19C-20C – about 3C above normal.


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