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Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 Rating: The Great Battle


I'm still in shock. I still can not fully process it. I do not think I'll be the same again.

The Game of Thrones The most epic episode has been released to this day, and while Winterfell is almost finished, most of our major pieces are still here, with a large, icy exception.

There are still three episodes left, but most of us will need more than a week to process what we have just witnessed.


At the beginning of the episode, a shadowy figure appears in front of the Dothraki ranks.

Are you a blue man? No, it's the red woman!

She gives the Dothraki flaming and carries in the night, accompanied by Ghost and Jorah.

The battle began.

To be honest, it was not a good move. I think Dothraki can be defeated in the open field.

But let's stay with Mel.

Later, it seems to ignite the fire that temporarily interrupts the progress of the Army of the Dead.

Melisandre returned to the Game of Throne when we needed her most.


Melisandre returned to the Game of Throne when we needed her most.

The Lord of Light takes an age to pick up, one of many moments in which tension rises to unbearable levels.

She then reappears in the great hall and tells Arya to fulfill her destiny, and saying that Beric Dondarrion served her purpose by saving Arya.

At the time, I was disappointed. I thought Beric had one more role to play, but it all makes sense now.

Finally, the defeated King of Night, the victorious Lord of Light, Melisandre leaves Winterfell, removes his necklace of power, and exits from existence with dignity, grace, and satisfaction.


"Brown eyes, green eyes, and blue eyes."

Of course, the Lord of Light needs a champion to accomplish what was seen in the flames.

Arya was the chosen one. What a great choice that was.

Our two heroes.


Our two heroes.

They did not say it by name, but I think Arya is the Prince who was promised, known as Azor Ahai in the books.

This was to be Jon or Dany, most people thought, or his son. Everything to do with the importance of fire for prophecy and the Lord of Light.

Azor Ahai should carry a flaming sword, but the King of the Night, as we have been shown, is impenetrable to the fire, so that would not have done very well.

As it turns out, the much-praised catspaw dagger is Lightbringer, wielded by Arya Stark, a faceless assassin.

Arya brought the light.


Arya brought the light.

There is a lot more to break here, including the role of Bran, but I'll leave you with a couple of extra thoughts.

Let's not forget the part of Pinky in all this.

It was the chaos he sowed that allowed the cat's dagger, which ended with the Night King, to be in Arya's possession.

Remember this kind of meh scene last season, when Bran awkwardly gave Arya.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that now it becomes one of the most important scenes in the series' story, along with anything related to this dagger.

Now that's reward.

Even Syrio Forel also gets an honorable referral.

"What do we say to the God of Death? Not today."

Dude, I love this show.

The kings of the night were more than vulnerable

Goodbye Big Daddy Ice. The reason for its existence will no longer be furiously debated on the internet.

Because, guess what, you do not exist anymore.

It did not seem likely that he would be defeated here, especially when Dany gave him a steaming cup of dragon fire and all he did was smile.

He dispatched Theon easily, and his icy, well-groomed hands seemed about to crush Arya worse than that giant smashed Lyanna.

We all know what happened next, but I certainly did not expect it to be that easy.

But then you think about the fact that he had to resurrect all the dead to protect himself from Jon, and you realize that he really was not leaning on one-on-one combat.

The Night King seemed invincible for most of this episode.


The Night King seemed invincible for most of this episode.

Others always kept their orders, from Wights and White Walkers to dragons and giants, but he could not defend himself.


Theon Greyjoy

"You're a good man, Theon." Oh my God, the tears.

Lyanna Mormont

As mentioned earlier, crushed to death by a undead giant. But she played the part of her, made the little queen of Bear Island. He stabbed that giant right in the eye, removing one of the Night's most powerful weapons.

Eddison Tollett

The night watchman, fast and always loyal, was killed saving a brother, but it may have been in vain …

Samwell Tarly?

Seen for the last time being overwhelmed by countless wights, he looks like a complete lost case. The internet tells me that it survives, though. I go back and check the tape, but I can not find anything to support this statement. But the preview! Pause on one of the shots, and he's out there walking after Dany! Rejoice!

Jorah Mormont?

What a hero. His actor, Iain Glen, said filming that episode was "the most unpleasant experience I've had in Thrones".

You should be proud of yourself, mate. This was a spectacular performance. I believe he's almost alive at the end of the episode, but with Dany's reaction, he does not look like much to this world.


Dragons are very useless in a storm. They need some kind of radar. They still played an exciting role in the episode, however. This fight between Rhaegal and Undead Viserion was brutally brilliant.

"Gilly definitely should not have survived. That low photo of her being dragged, is a classic zombie movie.

– Wow.

* New debut episodes of Game of Thrones at 1 pm Monday in SoHo, before being replayed at 8:30 p.m. They are also available on the Neon streaming service.

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