Fortnite: Where to Find Fortbyte's Place # 2 of Week 6 (Season 9 Utopia Challenge; Updated)


The challenges of Season 6 of Fortnite for Season 9 have been released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and mobile devices, which means you now have another chance to win Battle Stars and increase your battle pass. As usual, there is an extra incentive to complete as much of these challenges as possible; if you clear all seven of a given week, you will also complete one of the challenges of Season 9 Utopia, which in turn will lead the way to a secret item hidden somewhere in the game – including another Fortbyte.

Each Utopia challenge you complete in season 9 will reward you with a special loading screen that contains a secret lane that points you to a free item. Utopia challenges with odd numbers will lead to a free Battle Star, which will increase your Battle Pass by one full level; even number challenges, however, will direct you to the Fortbytes – a new type of collectible introduced in Season 9.

Fortbytes resemble computer chips, and each one you collect unlocks a part of a larger picture. There are 100 Fortbytes in all, and although most of them can be acquired by making certain milestones, some are linked to the challenges of Utopia. This is the case with Fortbyte # 2. The clue to this particular chip can be found on the loading screen you get to complete the Utopia Challenge of Week 6 – or, more specifically, its description, which reads: "Only the best shooters can take a lamp from the holographic tower "the roofs of Neo Tilted".

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As the description says, you need to go to Neo Tilted to find this Fortbyte. The item will appear at the top of the above-mentioned clock tower, then simply go to the area to collect it. We've marked the exact location of the Fortbyte on the map below; You can also watch where we'll collect the video at the top of this guide.

Unlike the secret battle stars, which will only appear when you have completed the corresponding Utopia challenge, this Fortbyte will be available to everyone who purchased a Season 9 battle pass regardless of whether or not you have completed enough challenges to unlock the above loading screen. This means that you can go to the right area and collect it without much complication. If you need help to complete the challenges of this season, however, you can find tips and guides in our complete Fortnite Season 9 challenge summary.

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The week 6 challenges came shortly after the 9.21 update of Fortnite, which added another weapon to the game: the Proximity Grenade Launcher, a weapon that launches explosives jumping against opponents. The proximity grenade launcher comes in epic and legendary varieties and can be found in boxes, delivery drops, vending machines or service carriers. The upgrade also kicked off a new time-limited mode called Horde Rush, which features its own set of challenges to complete. You can find the complete patch notes for the update on the Epic website.


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