Fans are calling Justin Bieber for his insensitive April Fool joke


  • Justin Bieber celebrated Lie Day by posting an ultrasound on the Instagram, pretending his wife Hailey Baldwin was pregnant.
  • Some fans have called the singer insensitive, pointing out that the joke is despicable in relation to people who may not have children.

    Among the brand marketing campaigns that April Fool's Day brings, Justin Bieber went to Instagram yesterday [1 April] to share a sweep of the baby, as well as photos of wife Hailey Baldwin examining her stomach.

    While some fans took this to mean she was pregnant – especially after a recent report that claimed the couple had discussed children – the model was quick to shut the joke down. She wrote in the comments, "very funny …"

    Others did not find it so much fun, however, with many leading to Twitter to point out the insensitive nature of the post, meaning that getting pregnant is no easy task for many.

    "Justin Bieber lying about Hailey being pregnant is beyond disrespectful.A 1 in 4 women suffer from infertility, miscarriages, still-born babies.As f *** ing disrespectful, April Fools or not, fake pregnancy ads are fucking disgusting. Are we doing this in 2019? [sic]" A person wrote on Twitter.

    Another added, "These jokes are not funny … do you understand how many families have to deal with infertility and pregnancy loss? What a shame for you."

    A third said, "Honestly, people would die to become parents, I hate April's Engravings. Let's hope you and your wife are not infertile, so you do not feel the disgust of not be able to carry own child. Just coming from a place of experience ".

    The reaction comes as a spokesman for My Midwives to MailOnline:

    "Women can be quite fragile around the issue of pregnancy and something like a joke pregnancy announcement can end up being a painful reminder of something they are struggling." Women who are experiencing fertility problems have had an abortion or had to stop a pregnancy may have had to keep this to itself, it will feel emotional. [a joke announcement] on Facebook's Instagram is really disrespectful. "


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