Family surprise visit is a win for McGuire


A surprise visit from his family to victory in Auckland means that the 200th Premiership NRL Telstra game by Josh McGuire is one he will hardly forget in a hurry.

The Queensland prospector marked his entry for the 200 Club with a strong performance for the Cowboys as they clinched their second win in the 17-10 year in a win over the Warriors.

The post-match McGuire told that the occasion was even more special because of the presence of wife Tanyssa and children Maiya, 5, and Maxon 3, in the crowd at Mt Smart Stadium.

"My wife surprised me and told me by the end of the week that she was coming. It was a fair effort for her to get the two kids from Townsville because she had to make two flights of herself and get her own hotel and everything." McGuire said.

"It's something very special. To win and have them here, I will not forget that.

"It's always good to share special things with special people, and there's no one more special to me than my children and wife."

McGuire played the full 80 minutes and was arguably the best player in the park, running 220 meters tall and making 42 tackles as a team.

North Queensland coach Paul Green said there was no doubt that McGuire, who also won the win in his 50th and 100th games, was spurred on by the occasion.

"It was a huge effort from him. I think he was ready for a big effort regardless of what happened out there, and he certainly delivered it to his teammates," Green said.

"Two hundred NRL games are a great achievement, so you want to remember those games for the right reason and I think he was determined to do it tonight.

"The best part of a millionaire game like this is that everyone likes that person and makes it memorable for him, and I think tonight will be that [for him]"

The production of the Cowboys flock was a key difference at night as North Queensland doubled the deficit on the scoreboard to end the unbeaten five-game Warriors at home.

Five of the North Queensland starters went more than 100 meters, compared to only two for the Warriors, with Green quickly praising the effort.

"In the middle I thought everyone probably [stood up]"Said Green.

"Matt Scott, I thought he was really good tonight, particularly on his second pass. Jordan McLean took us forward when he went there.

"I thought they all did … it was a good team effort.

"We showed a bit of resistance in our defense, particularly at the start of the second half, when we got under pressure.

"I am not prepared to say that it has turned our season, but it is certainly a good start.

"I think last week was a step in the right direction, but it's a good thing we built that and it's important to keep doing that."


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