Facebook users collapse after social media site crashed


The #FacebookDown hashtag quickly began to be a worldwide trend, appearing in thousands of tweets.

Wired's Manager of audience development, Alex Whitcomb was less than impressed with the explanation of the social media site.

"Something went wrong" has to be the most discreet thing Facebook could say about its news feed, "Whitcomb wrote on Twitter.

Some blocked users began to prepare for impending doom.

"We're through the mirror here folks!" Tim Hatfield of Sydney tweeted.

"Hold your loved ones close by."

Meanwhile, officers from Sherriff's Department of Richland in Colorado turned to The Simpsons to convey his point by posting a gif of Homer Simpson walking down the street wearing a sign that read "the end is near."

Other users were given a break from the site, with a tweet saying it might be "time to get back out of lol".

Users did not have to wait long until the site was up and running again, with news feeds updating flawlessly by the end of Sunday afternoon.

The cause behind the accident has not yet been publicly disclosed. Facebook was contacted to comment.


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