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July 14, 2018

For the first time in New Zealand, there is now a
for people who are completely new to surfing thanks to
Coastguard Boating Education, leader of the country
provider of recreational boat courses.

The course,
Properly called Starting Boating, allows those who are new to
boating and do not want to take care of the boat,
understand what is happening, become familiar with navigation
terminology and feel more at ease in the water.

Zealanders love to play on boats, but this does not
it means it's in everyone's DNA, "says Mike Brown, General
Coastal Education Education Manager. We launched
this course to meet those who are new to boating,
perhaps afraid to ask questions, and just want to understand
more about it.

"We want people to enjoy sailing,
than being anxious. This course offers this and
new ones for boat trips with basic knowledge and
knows what to do if they or someone on the boat
unexpectedly ends up in the water. "

Starting by boat is
an online course available on smartphone, tablet and desktop
ensuring that participants learn at their own pace, time, and
in a place that works for them instead of having to come
in a classroom environment.

"At the heart of
Starting Boating is a philosophy to make the boat more
accessible to all. If you are prepared and have a
plan the day when you have more chances to have fun, "says
Mike. "We are thrilled with the support shown by the
navigation industry for this course and Takacat kindly
supported us with an inflatable boat to give a
new boatie that winds up in the course before the end of

The course covers the basics of what to take
when to ride a boat, what to do if you get nauseous, Boating
Safety Code, selecting the right lifejacket and the
importance of planning a trip. The basics of safe speed are
also covered as are some of the most common navigation terms,
allowing better communication and understanding between
all aboard.

"The idea is that an informed team
member will be more relaxed, have a better day, be able
assistance to the master in the case of a
incident and maybe even be motivated to take your boat
day of education even more. "

Starting by boat is
available for only $ 35 and is the perfect Christmas gift for
Someone new to get out in the water. Starting by boat
can be purchased online at www.boatingeducation.org.nz,
Coastguard Lifeguard Old4New Oldguard Lifeguard Upgrade Campaign
December 1 www.old4new.nz or in the boat shop
retailers, including Boating and


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