Easter toll on a person after he died in a single vehicle accident near Huntly


One person died after a single-vehicle accident near Huntly on Sunday night, marking the first fatality on the roads this Easter.

A police spokeswoman said police were at the scene of the accident at Hakarimata Rd, near Huntly.

Emergency services were called to the crash site near the intersection with the Riverside Way at 8:35 p.m.

One person died after an accident near Huntly on Sunday night (file photo).


One person died after an accident near Huntly on Sunday night (file photo).

One person died at the scene, police confirmed, while another occupant suffered minor injuries.

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Hakarimata Rd was closed, with amusements in place at the ends of Hgarly and Ngaruawahia.

Police were urging people to avoid the area while the Serious Accidents Unit investigated the incident.

Seven people were killed on New Zealand's roads last Easter.

ACC had 387 car compensation claims last year's Easter, an increase over the previous year's 312.

And there are fears that this year may be even worse because of Easter Monday, Anzac Day and school holidays, all in the same week.

"This year, the risk will be greater with busier roads. Everyone needs to be on the road to ensure safety and to take care of the most vulnerable," said Emma Powell, ACC's chief customer service.


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