Denver Chaser Chance Charged Named as Jay Christopher Lingman


The man accused of the Denver Chance murder pleaded not guilty.

Jay Christopher Lingman, 41, appeared in Auckland High Court this morning accused of Chance's murder. He was represented by defense lawyer Steven Lack.

Lingman appeared before Judge Simon Moore and pleaded not guilty to murdering Chance.

Lingman first appeared in the Papakura District Court on March 11 and received the temporary suppression of names. That fell today.

He was arrested in custody and due to appear at a trial in May of next year.

Chance's body was found on a property south of Auckland on March 10.

The appalling discovery marked the end of an investigation into missing persons and the beginning of a homicide investigation.

A 41-year-old man was arrested by police in front of a Monte Eden bar shortly after 7 pm after a search for an address in Kingseat.

Chance disappeared on February 24, when he left his rented property at 3:30 p.m. in Mairangi Bay, prompting a police investigation into his whereabouts.

He was described as a "busy entrepreneur with several companies" and "extremely positive, happy and optimistic."

When he was first informed of losing his large group of friends and family mobilized to help the police with the search.

His sisters flew back to New Zealand from Australia and the US to help the police.


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