Christchurch man in charge of distributing objectionable material


A man will appear in court tomorrow to distribute objectionable material.

A police spokesman confirmed that he executed a search warrant at Avonside's address at 11am today and accused a 44-year-old man.

O Herald He understands that the man is Philip Neville Arps.

Arps is the director of a company that is under scrutiny for having a Nazi signal as his logo – the same symbol presented in a Christchurch terror manifesto accused by Brenton Tarrant.

The company, Beneficial Insulation, has a solar wheel as its company logo. It is a symbol employed in a post-Third Reich context by neo-Nazis and some hidden subcultures.

Caught up for comment on the weekend, Arps told the Herald that Tarrant, facing charges in connection with the Friday massacre, was "peeing" but that he himself was "political."

He said that Tarrant's actions "would demonize patriotism."


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