Ashley Tisdale opens on the battle with depression and anxiety: "I'm being very vulnerable


Depression and anxiety do not discriminate against anyone, including celebrities like Ashley Tisdale.

Tisdale is perhaps best known for her role as Sharpay Evans in the Disney movie, High School Musical. Since then, Tisdale has remained in the limelight, performing and recording music. But the road has not always been easy for her after fame and fortune, and the actress is finally opening for People on it struggles with anxiety and depression.

"This is the first time I'm being super vulnerable. This is me sharing my journey through anxiety and depression," Tisdale says of her latest album, Symptoms.

The 33-year-old singer put her heart and soul into the album and co-wrote all the tracks. She hopes her new song can help break the stigma surrounding mental illness, something she did not think was a problem for her until she started touring.

"I did not know the anxiety symptoms I had in the past while on tour before I would freak out before I took the stage.It was a panic attack.I had no idea what it was until I started reading about it .

In the past, Ashley confesses that her song might have been written to another artist because it was not related to the songs. In fact, most of the songs were written to her before she even stepped into the recording studio. Now she is proud to know that her songs from this album will relate to her and tell her story.

"The reason I wanted to do this album was because I wanted to make someone at home not feel so alone in what they spend," she shares. "They could look at me and say," We're all human. We all go through things ".

Specifically, Tisdale's new single, "Voices in My Head," details the struggles with which she deals from time to time when she is in public. The singer says there are so many times that she goes to a social event or party and feels that she is not dignified or good enough to be there and the voices in her head are telling her that. Ashley says she felt it was important to write it in a song because, like her, there are many others who deal with similar problems.

While still facing a battle against depression and anxiety, Ashley's music helped her learn to cope, while at the same time finding self-acceptance. In his own words, the album could not have come at a better time.

"It came at the perfect time I was passing through. John's studio really became my safe place and where I really found myself again. It was so therapeutic that I feel it saved me from just focusing on what I was feeling. "

This is the first time Ashley has released new songs in nine years.


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